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Doctor Who: The Fan Show was a YouTube series on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. It was hosted by Christel Dee and later also with Luke Spillane. Every week, they talked about Doctor Who and its many spin-offs with a special guest, usually a fan, although interviews with a member of the cast or crew were not unheard of. Some episodes also featured, or entirely consisted of, in-character skits, usually of a parodical nature.

The pilot, Meet Christel, was first released on YouTube on 8 May 2015 on the especially-created Doctor Who: The Fan Show YouTube channel. All following episodes were released directly on the parent Doctor Who channel, with the exception of the minisode Incoming Transmission, a prequel to The Finale (the finale of Season 1), which was instead released on Facebook.



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Series 1[]

How You Know You're a Doctor Who Fan[]

An element of The Fan Show in its first series was adding to the list of "How You Know You're a Doctor Who Fan".

    1. 27: You talk in episode titles (Doctor Who Titles Challenge)
    2. 42: You Vote in the Universal Song Contest (The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!)
    3. 137: You Underscore Your Life With Murray Gold (The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!)
    4. 173: Doctor Who Music Is Dancing Music (The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular!)
# Name Subject Interviewed Skit Release date
0 Meet Christel Christel Dee Christel passes a mug of tea through the screen to a watching Doctor Who fan, then later asks for its return. 8 May 2015
1 Zygons & Osgood In Series 9! Zygons, Osgood, Kate Stewart, Rufus Hound, Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home 8 May 2015
2 Doctor Who Titles Challenge Christel and Thomas Rees-Kaye use as many Doctor Who episode titles as possible to answer where the toilets are. 15 May 2015
3 The Magician's Apprentice: What We Know So Far All known about The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar, and news about Maisie Williams Pete Lannister & Gendry Temple-Noble in a sports news-style sketch Player profiles on Maisie Williams and Mark Gatiss, and "player transfers" between franchises 15 May 2015
4 The Universal Song Contest & Symphonic Spectacular! The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra, Legs Nose Robinson, and other Doctor Who-inspired musical groups; Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular Crispy Pro on Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Australia The Universal Song Contest 22 May 2015
5 We Need You! - San Diego Comic Con Plans for San Diego Comic-Con 2015 27 May 2015
6 Doctor Who is Invading The World! Mumbai Comic-Con Indian fans on what they love about Doctor Who If Doctor Who was a Disney comedy: The Princess and the Doctor 29 May 2015
7 The Doctor Who Festival Doctor Who Festival Luke Spillane looks for Christel, who expects more than she should for the Doctor Who Festival. 4 June 2015
8 Meeting Doctor Who Cosplayers Cosplay Various cosplayers at MCM London Comic-Con 5 June 2015
9 Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who
Dr Marek Kukula
Kezia Newson
12 June 2015
10 Full Interview with Dr Marek Kukula The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who by Simon Guerrier and Dr Marek Kukula Dr Marek Kukula 12 June 2015
11 Stealing Series 9 Scripts Everything known about Doctor Who series 9 Christel enters Steven Moffat's secret writing layer to steal the series 9 scripts. 19 June 2015
12 Christel Gets Caught! Christel's caught in Steven Moffat's cabinet 19 June 2015
13 Doctor Who Minecraft
Minecraft Doctor Who rollercoaster
Ben's work in Minecraft
Nuro and River
Ben (A&V Artwork)
Christel enters the TARDIS only to find herself in a Minecraft world. She lands on Minecrafia, where she goes on the rollercoaster. 26 June 2015
14 Minecraft Rollercoaster Full Interview Minecraft Doctor Who rollercoaster Nuro and River 26 June 2015
15 Fanwatch Fan behaviour "Michaela Traken", "Chris Akhaten" and "Nigel Voord-Karabaxos" In a mock nature documentary, the three describe types of human fans, noting their common behaviours. 3 July 2015
16 We've Landed At Comic-Con! San Diego Comic-Con announcement 7 July 2015
17 First Look At LEGO Dimensions Gameplay LEGO Dimensions trailer and gameplay Louis Moffat, Anthony Carboni 9 July 2015
18 Comic-Con Reacts to Series 9 Series 9 trailer Doctor Who fans at San Diego Comic-Con 10 July 2015
19 Doctor Who Fan Meet-Up What fans love about Doctor Who Doctor Who fans at San Diego Comic-Con 13 July 2015
20 EXCLUSIVE Behind Wholock And More Fan videos Wholock, Rain, 50th Anniversary Trailer "John Smith" 17 July 2015
21 Peter Capaldi On Being A Doctor Who Fan Peter Capaldi as a Doctor Who fan Peter Capaldi 24 July 2015
22 Charlieissocoollike In The TARDIS The Doctor's TARDIS and the roundels Charlie McDonnell A Time Lady resembling Christel tries selling Charlie the TARDIS 31 July 2015
23 Behind Doctor Puppet Doctor Puppet and the process of stop-motion animation Alisa Stern The Socktor interviews Alisa Stern. 7 August 2015
24 Doctor Who Comics Day!
Second annual Doctor Who Comics Day: 15 August 2015
Guide to Doctor Who comics
Comic book art production
14 August 2015
25 Meet Michelle "Missy" Gomez Missy Michelle Gomez 21 August 2015
26 Jenna Coleman On What It Takes To Be A Companion Clara Oswald Jenna Coleman UNIT Employment Training Series: Health and Safety with Captain Derek Latimer (Chris Thomson), including how to recognise the Doctor 28 August 2015
27 Millennium FX Makeover & Doctor Who Festival Updates
Doctor Who Festival
Millennium FX, prosthetics done on Christel to make her into a Dalek puppet
4 September 2015
28 How To Make A TARDIS Cake How to make a TARDIS Battenburg cake Edd Kimber 11 September 2015
29 The Finale A Time Lord comes to warn Christel of the future where The Fan Show "becomes self-aware, destroys other Doctor Who-related stuff, and triggers the end of the universe itself". She has to go back in time to change the show's development. The Moment gives her two iPhone wires, that if touched, would erase The Fan Show from history. The show rewinds. 18 September 2015

Series 2[]

Series 2 introduced a new format, and mostly focused on TV story reactions and reviews, with guests coming on to talk about a given episode of serial of the show.

# Name Subject Interviewed Skit Release date
31 The Magician's Apprentice Reactions The Magician's Apprentice Cameron K McEwan and Chris Johnson The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home 22 September 2015
32 The Witch's Familiar Reactions The Witch's Familiar Tom Spilsbury and Bec Hill 29 September 2015
33 Under The Lake Reactions Under the Lake Cherry Wallis 6 October 2015
34 Before The Flood Reactions Before the Flood Rebecca Brown and Jake Dudman 13 October 2015
35 The Girl Who Died Reactions The Girl Who Died Joe from TARDISArchives 20 October 2015
36 The Woman Who Lived Reactions The Woman Who Lived Dan Slott and Kezia Newson 27 October 2015
37 The Zygon Invasion Reactions The Zygon Invasion Jenny Colgan and Morgan Jeffery 3 November 2015
38 The Zygon Inversion Reactions The Zygon Inversion Rachael Stott and Crispy Pro 10 November 2015
39 Sleep No More Reactions Sleep No More Carrie Hope Fletcher and Stuart Ashen (in front of a live audience) 17 November 2015
40 Face The Raven Reactions

Face the Raven

Rosianna Halse Rojas and Paul Cornell 24 November 2015
41 A Doctor Who LEGO Set Adventure! The Doctor Who LEGO set Andrew Clark and Sam Johnson Stop-motion adventure with the Twelfth Doctor and Christel. At the end, a Weeping Angel and two Daleks appear in the TARDIS, and the Eleventh Doctor shows up to help. 1 December 2015
42 Heaven Sent Reactions Heaven Sent Amy and Mary from the ChiqueGeeks 1 December 2015
43 Hell Bent Reactions Hell Bent Benjamin Cook and Blair Mowat 8 December 2015
44 The Husbands of River Song Reactions The Husbands of River Song Bethany Black and Jake Yapp 25 December 2015
45 What Happened In Series 9? With Jake Yapp Series 9 Jake Yapp 15 January 2016
46 LEGO Dimensions Easter Eggs Easter eggs in LEGO Dimensions Game Unboxing Reviews 22 January 2016
47 Spearhead From Space Review Spearhead from Space

Peter Ware and Tom Webster

29 January 2016
48 The Old Monsters Home Monster suggestions for series 10 The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home 5 February 2016
49 Amazing Audio Adventures
History of Big Finish
Fan-made audio stories
12 February 2016
50 Gallifrey One 2016 Gallifrey One 2016 Shaun Lyon, Peter Davison, Paul Cornell, Sarah Dollard, Steven Schapansky, numerous Doctor Who fans including Laura Sirikul 16 February 2016
51 Cosplay at Gallifrey One Cosplay at Gallifrey One; the iron costumer competition; the costume repair shop Many cosplayers 17 February 2016
52 What Are Ribbons At Gallifrey One? The ribbons at Gallifrey One Numerous Doctor Who fans, Peter Davison 19 February 2016
53 The Silurians Review Doctor Who and the Silurians Simon Guerrier and Jenny Lippmann 26 February 2016
54 Michelle Gomez's Guide To Monsters Michelle Gomez has to name Doctor Who monsters Michelle Gomez 4 March 2016
55 Peter Capaldi Talks Series 9 and 10
The Twelfth Doctor
The Doctor's speech in The Zygon Inversion
Series 9 and 10
Peter Capaldi 11 March 2016
56 Peter Capaldi: Draw My Life Peter Capaldi draws his Doctors, and his own memories watching and reading Doctor Who Peter Capaldi 11 March 2016
57 Top 10 Tips For Being A Companion Tips for being the Doctor's companions 18 March 2016
58 Doctor Who Fans' Guinness World Record!
Doctor Who in Latin America
492 fans in Mexico City break "Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Doctor Who Characters" world record
Bullysteria, many fans in Mexico 25 March 2016
59 Blink Review Blink Tony Lee and Tom Dix Christel responds to the Tenth Doctor's video left for Sally Sparrow, and finds herself faced with a Weeping Angel. 1 April 2016

The Impossible Astronaut Review

The Impossible Astronaut Hilly & Hannah Hindi from The Hillywood Show 22 April 2016
61 New Companion Reaction Friend from the Future and the reveal of Bill Potts 24 April 2016
62 Target Book Exhibition ft. Peter Capaldi
The Target Book Artwork Exhibition at the Cartoon Museum
Target Books covers
Tom Spilsbury, Peter Ware, Jenny Colgan, Andrew Skilleter, Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Chris Achilleos, Terrance Dicks, Jeff Cummins 6 May 2016
63 The New Sonic Screwdriver Toy The making of the new sonic screwdriver toy Alasdair Dewar 13 May 2016
64 Planet Of The Ood Review Planet of the Ood Sarah Dollard and Chris Foxx 20 May 2016
65 The 500th Doctor Who Magazine DWM 500 Emily Cook, Scott Gray, Richard Atkinson Christel goes back in time via vortex manipulator with a copy of DWM 500, and the tea, behind Doctor Who Magazine are really struggling. She leaves, accidentally leaving the magazine behind. They find it, and decide to just publish what they've found, effectively a bootstrap paradox. 27 May 2016
66 Davros Review Davros 22 June 2016
67 Meeting Fans At VidCon
VidCon 2016
Doctor Who fan videos
Christel does a laminar flow experiment with Presley
Alisa Stern from Doctor Puppet, Mike Rugnetta from PBS Idea Channel, Presley, multiple Doctor Who fans 1 July 2016
68 Series 10 What We Know So Far Series 10 12 July 2016
69 The Master Review The Master 29 July 2016
70 How To Make Doctor Who Cookies The Official Cookbook "Lady Estelle" from Time Tasties on the Gallifrey Cooking Channel demonstrates the gingerbread Doctors recipe from The Official Cookbook. 11 August 2016
71 How to Cosplay as Bill Bill Potts cosplay Dom (The Whovian Chaser) 19 August 2016

The Zygons Review ft. Ingrid Oliver

Zygons, Osgood Ingrid Oliver 26 August 2016
73 Restoring Classic Monsters Restoring Morbius and a Mandrel for Doctor Who Experience Mike Tucker of the Model Unit 2 September 2016

Series 10 Production Update

Series 10 9 September 2016
75 The Sontarans Review ft. Dan Starkey Sontarans Dan Starkey 23 September 2016
76 Christmas Read-through Reaction Christmas special read-through 30 September 2016
77 Series 10 & Class #NYCC Round-Up Series 10 and Class 14 October 2016
78 Meeting The Class Cast The cast of Class Greg Austin, Sophie Hopkins, Fady Elsayed, Vivian Oparah, Jordan Renzo 20 October 2016
79 The Cybermen Review Cybermen 28 October 2016
80 The Power of the Daleks
The Power of the Daleks animation preview
Animation restoration process
Charles Norton, producer of the animation Christel and Luke take a trip in the Second Doctor's animated TARDIS to Vulcan. They visit the mercury swamps, the colony and a Dalek control room. 4 November 2016
81 The Daleks Review ft. Nicholas Briggs Daleks Nicholas Briggs 18 November 2016
82 Series 10 Filming, Writing, and Missy! Series 10 filming and writing, and the return of Missy 2 December 2016
83 The Gift (A Christmas Story) With Frances Barber The Gift, a short story from Twelve Doctors of Christmas Frances Barber 12 December 2016
84 The Return of Doctor Mysterio Reactions The Return of Doctor Mysterio 25 December 2016
85 Series 10 Trailer, The Pirate Planet and More! 27 January 2017
86 Peter Capaldi Is Leaving Doctor Who Peter Capaldi's BBC Radio 2 announcement that he's leaving Doctor Who at the end of 2017 31 January 2017
87 The Ice Warriors Are Back! Return of the Ice Warriors The Old Doctor Who Monsters' Home (trying to bring back Morbius) 3 February 2017
88 Ice Warriors, Series 10 Latest & LEGO Daleks! LEGO Daleks as British Robots 17 February 2017
89 John Barrowman Talks Captain Jack John Barrowman 10 March 2017
90 10 Things From The Series 10 Trailer! The series 10 trailer 13 March 2017
91 Animating Series 10 Poster ft. Lucy Crewe Lucy Crewe's animated trailer based on the series 10 poster Lucy Crewe 17 March 2017
92 Series 10 Is Almost Here! - Doctor Who: The Fan Show
Series 10 broadcast date, trailers and official image
Filming of World Enough and Time and The Doctor Falls
31 March 2017
93 Visiting The Doctor Who Set (ft. Jake Dudman, Bully & Maude Garrett)
Exploring the sets and studios at Roath Lock
The Millennium FX workshop
Maude Garrett
Bully (Héctor Trejo)
Jake Dudman
14 April 2017

The Aftershow[]

With the start of series 10 of Doctor Who came a new format for The Fan Show. Doctor Who: The Fan Show - The Aftershow was a new series which released "Aftershows" immediately after an episode of Doctor Who was finished broadcasting in the UK.

Bringing in people who've actually worked on the show, rather than a variety of outsiders giving their reactions, The Aftershow was the closest series 10 got to a Doctor Who Confidential or Doctor Who Extra, the latter of which ended with series 9. Also released during this period was Doctor Who meets Mr. Men, which tied in with the release of the Dr. Men books.

# Name Subject Interviewed Video Release date
94 Pearl Mackie & Steven Moffat - The Aftershow The Pilot Pearl_Mackie_&_Steven_Moffat_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 15 April 2017
95 EXCLUSIVE Peter Capaldi & Brian Minchin Interview - The Aftershow Smile EXCLUSIVE_Peter_Capaldi_&_Brian_Minchin_Interview_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 22 April 2017
96 Doctor Who meets Mr. Men Dr. Men Adam Hargreaves Doctor_Who_Meets_Mr._Men_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 25 April 2017
97 Sarah Dollard and Hayley Nebauer - The Aftershow Thin Ice
29 April 2017
98 David Suchet and Mike Bartlett - The Aftershow Knock Knock David_Suchet_and_Mike_Bartlett_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 6 May 2017
99 Jamie Mathieson, Mimi Ndiweni & Kieran Bew - The Aftershow Oxygen Jamie_Mathieson,_Mimi_Ndiweni_&_Kieran_Bew_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 13 May 2017
100 Michelle Gomez and Nick Lambon - The Aftershow Extremis Michelle_Gomez_and_Nick_Lambon_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 20 May 2017
101 Rachel Denning and Jamie Hill - The Aftershow The Pyramid at the End
of the World
Rachel_Denning_and_Jamie_Hill_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 27 May 2017
102 Millennium FX's Gary Pollard Talks Series 10 Monsters - The Aftershow The Lie of the Land Millenium_FX's_Gary_Pollard_Talks_Series_10_Monsters_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 3 June 2017
103 Matt Lucas and Mark Gatiss - The Aftershow Empress of Mars Matt_Lucas_and_Mark_Gatiss_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 10 June 2017
104 Rebecca Benson Talks The Eaters of Light - The Aftershow The Eaters of Light Rebecca Benson Rebecca_Benson_Talks_The_Eaters_of_Light_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 17 June 2017
105 Brian Minchin Talks World Enough And Time - The Aftershow World Enough and Time Brian Minchin Brian_Minchin_Talks_World_Enough_And_Time_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 24 June 2017
106 Steven Moffat & Rachel Talalay - The Aftershow The Doctor Falls Steven_Moffat_&_Rachel_Talalay_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 1 July 2017
107 Series 10 Review - The Aftershow Series 10 overview Series_10_Review_-_The_Aftershow_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 7 July 2017

Series 4[]

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Following the Aftershows, The Fan Show continued the panel format, beginning with their reaction to the Thirteenth Doctor, and an episode on LGBTQ in Doctor Who.

# Name Subject Interviewed Video Release date
108 Thirteenth Doctor Reaction Thirteenth Doctor announcement reaction

(Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor)
Thirteenth_Doctor_Reaction_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 16 July 2017
109 LGBTQ In The Worlds Of Doctor Who Queer analysis of Doctor Who. Gender and sexuality in the Doctor Who universe as a whole, and working on Doctor Who as a queer person. Waris Hussein formally comes out in this video. LGBTQ_In_The_Worlds_Of_Doctor_Who_-_Doctor_Who_The_Fan_Show 28 July 2017
110 Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor Jacob Dudman Voices The Doctor File:Jake Dudman Voices The Doctor - Doctor Who: The Fan Show 8 September 2017
111 Russell T Davies Draws Daleks, The Tenth Doctor & MORE! Russell T Davies Draws Daleks, The Tenth Doctor & MORE! File:Russell T Davies Draws Daleks, The Tenth Doctor & MORE! - Doctor Who: The Fan Show 28 September 2017

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