The Fallen was the opening Doctor Who Magazine comic story of 1999. It was also the first non-parodic DWM story without a Threshold connection in several years. It shared many aspects of a televised "series opener", in that it was a "jumping-on" point for people who knew nothing of the previous Eighth Doctor continuity. It was thus the beginning of a new story arc — the first of the final batch of DWM strips in black-and-white. The events in this story would conclude in The Glorious Dead, after which the DWM strip relaunched as a colour comic strip.

In many ways a sequel to the television movie, it was the only story other than the movie and The Body Politic to use Dr Grace Holloway in more than a flashback or cameo. The story also introduced a new version of the Master, as well as the character of Leighton Woodrow. Both would appear again during the Eighth Doctor's DWM run.

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  • Grace Holloway last appeared (and first met the Doctor) in TV: Doctor Who.

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