The Fall of the House of Gryffen was the seventh episode of K9. It was written by Shayne Armstrong and S. P. Krause, directed by Daniel Nettheim and featured John Leeson as K9 Mark 2, Keegan Joyce as Starkey, Philippa Coulthard as Jorjie Turner, Daniel Webber as Darius Pike and Robert Moloney as Alistair Gryffen.

It provided details about the circumstances under which Alistair Gryffen lost his wife and two children, an event that had hitherto only been teased in the first episode.

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Darius, Starkey and Jorjie spend a very spooky night at the Gryffen mansion.

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As a storm rages outside, Darius and K9 play chess against Starkey and Jorjie, and lose. Jorjie gets a call from her mother who wants her home, but agrees to let her stay. Something shatters upstairs. Gryffen sends Starkey to investigate. The STM activates. While upstairs investigating the sound, Starkey sees a boy outside of his bedroom window for a split second. Starkey is visibly shaken when returning to the others and tells them what he saw. When asked by Gryffen to describe the boy, he tells Gryffen he was a "skinny blonde boy around seven or eight." Gryffen runs to look.

The others doubt what Starkey saw. Jorjie wonders why Gryffen ran off. Gryffen returns to say the storm is intensifying over the Channel.

Later, Starkey is reading poetry to Jorjie and Darius. Darius tells them years ago Gryffen and his family went on holiday and they were taken from him.

As the storm grows louder Jorjie predicts her mother will be calling again, which she does. When Drake asks who she's talking to, she hangs up, surprising Jorjie as that's her "trick". They hear scary giggling and Starkey suggests they investigate. Darius, obviously frightened, is the last to get up. As they leave, he closes the door. The giggling is heard again as the STM powers up. Gryffen suddenly hears a voice calling his name. As Starkey, Jorjie and K9 look around, they spot a boy and an equally odd-looking girl. K9 scans them and finds no signs of life. K9 says that the boy and girl are "non-corporeal entities". They vanish. K9 tells Starkey and Jorjie to go while he stands guard.

They spot the girl, who runs, and then the boy, who also runs away, both giggling. As Jorjie searches, Darius appears, startling her. Starkey, while searching, asks why K9 stays when he could go through the STM to some random place. K9 tells him that he stays for the same reason Starkey does, they are needed where they are. Starkey again spots the boy, who runs away. K9 detects nothing. As Darius and Jorjie go on, Darius grabs hold of a hand. Darius thinks it is Jorjie's hand and says that it is "tiny" and "freezing". Jorjie says she's not holding his hand. Darius sees he has some strange slime on his hand.

As Starkey tries to find the boy, a mysterious hand grabs him. It's Darius scaring him. Jorjie is with him. They find the recording of Gryffen's family. K9 is annoyed at them ignoring him, while Darius, Jorjie and Starkey watch the recording. Starkey and Jorjie recognise Gryffen's son and daughter as the children they saw. Darius doesn't believe it, saying they are Gryffen's children, Jacob and Mina. He says it's the last video taken of them. As the storm strikes again, K9 tells the kids to stop being so scared at the flashes. Darius recognises the voice of Eleanor, Gryffen's wife.

They see the children again. Darius recognises them with a shock. K9 realises they only exist as light; Starkey reasons that if they are dead, they can't harm him. The children charge up energy and fire on Starkey, Darius and Jorjie, knocking them unconscious. K9 fires on them, but his photon beam has no effect, merely passing through them. K9 thinks they can only affect carbon-based life, but they disrupt his circuits, knocking him out as well.

Eleanor suddenly appears to Gryffen. She says he cannot touch her. She is too fragile. She tells him his children must complete a task before they join him to make him eternally happy. Darius and Jorjie are trapped on tables near the STM, which is absorbing energy. As Darius calls out for K9, he wakes up, locked in a closet with Starkey. Starkey fails to unlock the door with his "jimmy key", which is covered in slime. K9 tells Starkey he needs to power his photon burst before trying to blow through the door. Darius and Jorjie call out to Gryffen. Gryffen tries to remember Starkey and K9 but fails.

Gryffen goes into the STM room and tells the children to stop playing. When Jorjie and Darius call him, he asks who they are. Gryffen is in a trance. They try to wake him. K9 suggests to Starkey that with his attempts to retrieve them, Gryffen has warped space-time into their shapes. K9 blasts the door. They go to the STM room, where K9 tells Starkey to go round the STM vortex while he distracts the children. Darius and Jorjie try to snap Gryffen out of it, but he is mesmerised by Eleanor.

K9's energy is depleted and he is disabled by the children. Starkey tries to stop Darius and Jorjie from being pulled into the vortex. K9 reactivates and warns Gryffen they are merely "echoes" of his family and Jorjie tells him that for them to fully materialise, they must absorb life force. K9 tells Starkey to get to Gryffen as he is the closest thing he has to a son. Eleanor tries to silence him, but he persists. Darius and Jorjie try to help Starkey convince him as well.

Starkey tells Gryffen that his family wouldn't want to harm people. This lets Gryffen see what they are. Eleanor refuses to accept this, but as the storm passes, she realises she and the children aren't wanted and they leave. Jorjie gets a call from June, who says she will pick her up. When Starkey asks Gryffen if he will be okay, he says that he will be as he was. The team cheer themselves up by joking around.

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  • Gryffen watches a short video of his family on a vid-pic.

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  • In the scene in which K9 and Starkey are locked in the closet, several shots are reversed, and the "K9" logo on K9's flank is backwards.
  • When K9 and Starkey enter the main room to help Jorjie and Darius escape, K9's scans spell Gryffen's name as "Griffin".

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