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The Faceless Two was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor backup comic story published in 2016. It was connected to The Fourth Wall, the main comic story of 12DY2 5, as both featured the Boneless and both broke the fourth wall.


As the Twelfth Doctor uses the screen on the TARDIS console, Clara is busy organising the TARDIS by putting labels on everything. She asks the Doctor, "How do you spell 'friction contrafibulator' there again?". The Doctor responds that it's spelt as it sounds, he then says, "Wait, hey, what are you doing back there?". She tells him that she's labelling everything and asks what he's doing. He explains that he's going through his Encyclopedia Creatura. Clara decides that "Encyclopedia Creatura" is hard to spell, so she labels it "Monster Files". She notices that the Doctor is looking at his file on the Boneless and asks if he created the file while he was stuck in the TARDIS and Clara was fighting the Boneless with Rigsy. He hesitates before saying no and quickly adds that very little is known about the boneless. He theorises that they can take the form of any flat object from a wall to a comic book.

Suddenly, a voice very similar to Clara's says, "How do you spell "friction contrafibulator" there again?". Another voice, this time similar to the Doctor's, says, "Wait, hey, what are you doing back there?". For a moment, the Doctor and Clara are confused, but soon they are unable to speak. The world around them devolves into a colourless pencil sketch. The Doctor scans the side of the comic panel with his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor and Clara are replaced by two faceless Boneless. Using letters from the phrases they repeated, they say: "We are here". Then they reach towards the reader with clawed hands.



  • The Doctor's TARDIS has an Encyclopedia Creatura, a database on every living thing the Doctor has encountered.


  • The title is a reference to The Faceless Ones.
  • Although this story is set before Hell Bent, the Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver that he gained in that story.

Original print details[]

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. 12DY2 5 (1 page)
  • No reprints to date


  • Clara mentions how she beat the Boneless practically by herself, while the Doctor was in the TARDIS. (TV: Flatline)
  • The Boneless are kidnapping their victims through comics. (COMIC: The Fourth Wall)