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The Eye of the Tyger was the twelfth Telos Doctor Who novella. It featured the Eighth Doctor. This was author Paul McAuley's only contribution to Doctor Who. Doctor Who television writer Neil Gaiman wrote the foreword for this novella.

Publisher's summary[]

Inhabiting a colony spaceship in the thirty second century are members of a religious cult that left Earth to find a world of their own. Their leader, Seraph, has downloaded his mind into the ship's computers, but now he has gone silent, enticed and serenaded by a siren song coming from inside a black hole. Trapped in orbit around the void, Seraph's followers are confused by his silence, and when the Doctor arrives with his friend Fyne seeking a cure to a raging Tyger-fever which has infected his companion, he finds a world on the brink of chaos.


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The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor says he knows Albert Einstein.
  • The Doctor mentions that humanity went into hibernation to escape solar flares but overslept.


  • The Doctor suggests taking Fyne to one of the hospital worlds of the Flower Cultures.


  • Seraph and Casimir are members of a feline race.
  • Methane-breathing octopuses live in cold gas giants such as Neptune.


  • This story was released in three editions: the standard hardback and two limited editions, the deluxe edition and a special fortieth anniversary edition.
  • The foreword was written by Neil Gaiman.
  • Both limited editions had the frontispiece art and were signed by the author, frontispiece artist and foreword writer.
  • The Special Edition was limited to forty copies (one for each year of Doctor Who) and had an embossed slipcase, a signature sheet signed by Paul McGann and full-colour art plates by Walter Howarth, Andrew Skilleter and Fred Gambino, who also signed the edition.
  • Frontispiece by Jim Burns


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