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The Extortioner was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor, John and Gillian.


The TARDIS lands on an unnamed planet. The Doctor leaves John and Gillian in the ship and explores a nearby volcano. He discovers it is the base of the Extortioner, who plans to blackmail the inhabited universe with his fleet of rockets unless they pay his ransom demands. The Doctor is captured and imprisoned, but escapes with his pocket laser. He throws the missiles' warheads into the volcano's core, causing an eruption which destroys the Extortioner's base. Enraged, the Extortioner pursues the Doctor in his giant mechanical mole. The Doctor lures him to a crack caused by the volcano's eruption and he falls to his doom. The Doctor returns to the TARDIS.



  • The Doctor's lighter has a laser beam.


  • This was the first TV Comic story to feature the Second Doctor. No explanation is given or even acknowledged for the Doctor's change of appearance or personality.
  • The first words spoken by the Second Doctor in his comic book tenure are; "What a barren place! I'm glad I told the children to stay inside the TARDIS!"
  • This strip marks the beginning of the trend to sideline John and Gillian from the action.


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