The Experimenters was a TV Comic story featuring the First Doctor, John and Gillian.

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A so-called Master Race is attempting to develop space flight using captive humans as live guinea pigs. Along with others, the Doctor, Gillian and John are forced to undergo a harrowing series of tests culminating in the piloting of an untested rocket.

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TVC 780 Front Cover

The First Doctor appears on the cover of TV Comic 780.

  • This was the final TV Comic story to feature the First Doctor. The last words spoken by the First Doctor in his comic book tenure are; "I have a theory that fate is always on the side of justice! Let us journey to another adventure!"
  • The Experimenters was printed in TV Comic issues 780-783. TVC 780 featured an image of the First Doctor on the cover, advertising the comic's presence on pages 2 and 3.

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