The Essential Book of K9 was a British book about K9. It included information about K9 from the series Doctor Who and beyond. The book was published by Meteoric Books and written by Paul M Tams and Bob Baker.

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Includes: The complete story of K9 from Doctor Who and beyond with Special Features, Exclusive Photos and new Fiction from Bob Baker!

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The book can be bought via the official K9 website. Before the release it was promoted on this website.[1] Via crowdfounding they wanted to collect more money to make the book a little bigger. For £100, five people's faces would be used for a character in a short story. Other goodies, like autographs or postcards were offered for less money.[2]

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  • A Timeless Companion
  • Designing an Icon: Tony Harding
  • Walking the Dog
  • His Master's Robot Voice: John Leeson
  • The Second Voice: David Brierley
  • K9 Classic Cutaway
  • Those TV Times
  • Predigree Dogs
  • Collectable Memoirs
  • The Dream Time - K9's Lost Farewell
  • Top Dog on the Show
  • K9 TV Series Episode Guide
  • K9 TV Series Credits
  • K9 TV Series Cutaway
  • Creating a new look for K9
  • Behind the Screen
  • Cast of Characters
  • Alien Threat detected!
  • TOP SECRET: Future Adventures
  • K9 Future Cutaway
  • Comic Hero
  • The Doctor Who legacy of Bob Baker & Dave Martin
  • 2017- Life begins at 40
  • Bob Baker- A Writer's Tale
  • K9-Kloned!/ About the Cover
  • Acknowledgements/ Special Thanks

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