The Ergon was a creature created by Omega as one of his agents in the universe of matter to act on his behalf.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Omega created the Ergon with his power of psychosynthesis. He considered it one of his less successful creations. (TV: Arc of Infinity) While on Earth, Ace saw it while working at a fast food restaurant. She mistook it for a person wearing a costume. (PROSE: Anti-Matter with Fries)

It used a matter converter, with which it shot Colin Frazer, Tegan Jovanka and Robin Stuart. While the Fifth Doctor wrestled with the Ergon, Nyssa took its gun and shot it. (TV: Arc of Infinity)

Tegan later described the Ergon as "looking suspiciously like a plucked chicken". (AUDIO: The Waters of Amsterdam)

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