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The Epoch were a group which observed Bernice Summerfield in an experiment, including an observation of a weird 27th century building that appeared in Atlantis. They were worried when Jack contacted Benny. (AUDIO: Private Enemy No. 1)

They later tested Benny and Ruth by creating more alternative realities, one a Victorian London, Jurassic Earth and a limbo place; they called this the scheme. They said they came from the beginning of time, from the end of time and from the realm of time. They said that "the scheme was to exclude worlds and solar systems and artificially alter the natural progression of life, remap its people and places, discover where the threats to the epoch began or will begin; time is revisited explored and re-imagined to find the potential threat and neutralise it". According to them Zordin's solar system represent a threat to the past, present and future of the epoch, and that was why all eras and their people had been mapped and remapped and why history exploration could not be allowed. They thought a threat from outside could encroach into this era. Benny became the scheme as she came from the past, the present and the future. She was the threat and they wanted to eliminate her from all potential timestreams; once she was erased, the Epoch would return Zordin to how it was meant to be, before the instigation of Year Zero. They were seemingly destroyed by Benny when she shut down their reality. (AUDIO: Judgement Day)

The Epoch was not destroyed, and existed elsewhere in the universe. (AUDIO: In Living Memory)

They had a base on Saravas in which they experimented on how primitive minds dealt with the impact of the truth. (AUDIO: Big Dig)

They rescued Benny from a beach of a planet poisoned by radiation and took her to their base. (AUDIO: The Winning Side)

They thought that Benny was damaging time and brought her to their base at the heart of time. They detected temporal instabilities around Benny and started to remove her friends thinking they were the cause of them, beginning with Jack and Ruth, then Irving Braxiatel and then finally her son Peter, making her forget them. They brainwashed them all to think that they were all actors playing themselves. They were destroyed for the final time when the Benny from Victorian London jumped into the time vortex rewriting the Epoch's amendments to the Web of Time. (AUDIO: In Living Memory)

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