The Enigma Dimension was the third and final audio story in the anthology Casualties of War, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Nicholas Briggs and featured John Hurt as the War Doctor, Jacqueline Pearce as Cardinal Ollistra and Louise Jameson as Leela/"The Lady".

Following John Hurt's death in January 2017, it was also the final audio story from The War Doctor, with the anthology being released posthumously.

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The Dalek Time Strategist has a new plan to ensure final victory in the Time War. As its forces gather for a huge assault on the enemy, ahead of the fleet something hovers above the planet of the Time Lords. And on Gallifrey itself, shadows move among the Cloisters. The Time Lords face a threat alien to their entire universe. To save their world, the War Doctor and his allies must enter the Enigma Dimension...

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