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The End of the World was the thirty-eighth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the fourth story of the eighth season.

Publisher's summary[]

"So for a long time – years now, really – I've had this growing suspicion that everything was, well, everything was just wrong..."

Jason Kane – author, adventurer, hero and inveterately polysyllabic hyperbolist. Now join him on his most exciting adventure yet!

He's going to Hell and back on an impossible quest to stop a man with the powers of a god. Along the way there's monsters and explosions and unseemly contretemps in the odd posh restaurant.

The battle will be hard and require every last iota of Jason's famous cunning. What can possibly go wrong?

[Bernice Summerfield is away.]


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  • Jason Kane has previously working with Mira who is not telepathic but her nervous system has been augmented so it's near as makes no difference.
  • Jason tells Braxiatel that he and Bernice were meant to have two children; Keith and Rebecca (and no Peter Summerfield).
  • A conversation in which Jason told Bernice about his abusive father took place on the planet Makrath.
  • The Fifth Axis invasion of the Braxiatel Collection is mentioned.
  • Jason has been investigating Clarissa Jones and her family who worked on board the Stonehauser Medical Facility.
  • Jason uses the principle of Fractured time to get to the "End of the World".
  • Braxiatel mentions Ker'a'nol.
  • Braxiatel tells Jason the Braxiatel Collection is now his TARDIS.


  • The Bernice Summerfield logo has been "painted over" to instead read "Jason Kane".
  • This audio drama was recorded on 6 May 2007.
  • It was released on 14 September 2007.[1]
  • This story debuts a new theme tune by David Darlington. This theme was used from series 9 to series 11.



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