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The End of the Line was the first story in the audio anthology The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris and featured Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor and Miranda Raison as Constance Clarke.

Due to the anthology having its release date pushed forward, it was the first audio released to feature the Doctor's companion Constance Clarke, before her actual debut story was released.

It saw the second time both the Master and the Valeyard have been involved in the same story in a performed production, the first being 1986's The Trial of a Time Lord arc.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

"We're all hopelessly lost, aren't we, Doctor?"

The Doctor and his latest companion Constance investigate a commuter train that has lost its way...

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tim Hope.

The Doctor and Constance Clarke find themselves lost in the fog. Luckily, they’re not too far from Kettering Junction, a Midlands railways station that service a large among of daily commuters heading to London. They’re not alone – passengers and staff from a nearby commuter train have made their way to the station after their train stopped. Meeting a local trainspotter, the Doctor and his fellow travelers soon make several discoveries. One, Kettering Junction should have twelve platforms, not seventeen. Two, each platform holds an identical commuter train, some in pristine condition and other caked with blood. And three, there are distant and bloodcurdling screams coming from the fog – screams that exactly like those of the passengers and staff…

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  • Constance mentions the TARDIS always getting lost.
  • The Doctor mentions Cartesian geometry, which involves 26 dimensions.
  • Parallel universes aren't supposed to meet, hence the word 'parallel,' but there are various points in the universe where the parallels collide.
  • There are other dimensions that, while they can't be called "evil" since that's too subjective, are nonetheless darker, but these darker dimensions are usually "safely" away from the nice ones.
  • The Normans are "Normal Animates," since "normality" can have various meaning in different realities. They were grown by the Parallel Sect.
  • The longer the dimensional barriers are broken, the more dimensions collapse into infinity with accelerated "normative entropy".
  • The Master uses his TCE.
  • The Master's TARDIS is disguised as a ticket machine. The Doctor notes to Constance that the Master's TARDIS, much like the Master, is a "master of disguise".
  • Keith Potter is an avatar, operated by the Master from the safety of his TARDIS.
  • The Valeyard claims the dimensional nexus point as his domain, where he's been re-invigorating.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This story contains the first released appearance of companion Constance Clarke, portraying her as already travelling with the Sixth Doctor. Due to the release date of The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure being pushed forward from September 2015 to August 2015, this story was released before the story which officially introduced Constance and portrayed her joining the Doctor on his travels.[1] Her first chronological appearance is in AUDIO: Criss-Cross.
  • This story features the first (clear) appearance of the Master as played by Anthony Ainley in an audio presentation. He is portrayed by Chris Finney in a host body.
  • The idea of darker dimensions originates from The Dark Dimension, a cancelled anniversary special where the Fourth Doctor's death was prevented, creating a "dark dimension."

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