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The End of Time is the tenth and final book in The Darksmith Legacy series.

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The Krashoks commissioned the Darksmith Collective to fashion a device that creates life. The Krashoks, after waiting for centuries, have finally had their contract fulfilled. They intend to detonate the Eternity Crystal unless the Tenth Doctor can stop them. To make matters worse, Gisella is trapped on the Krashoks' ship. Can the Doctor save Gisella and destroy the Eternity Crystal once and for all?

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References Edit

  • The planet Doff is mentioned.
  • Apricott is a professor.
  • The Museum of Windows included an exhibit of the Deforestation of Prague, which the Doctor has been there and saved the lives of the victims with a pile of manure.

Notes Edit

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The books Edit

  • Interspersed with the main fiction is:
  • TARDIS Data Bank (extra information )
  • Activity pages x3 (The puzzle solutions give the reader the chance to think like the Doctor!)
  • The Story so far, next instalment cover preview and opening preview.
  • The Darksmith Legacy's overall story was devised by Justin Richards, who contributed four of the ten titles.
  • The Darksmith Legacy was certificated to 13, with under 13s needing parental approval.
  • Each book in the series was priced £4.99 (UK) and featured a foiled cover with illustration by Peter McKinstry. The Canadian price increased as the series progressed, from $8.99 to $9.99.

Interactive website content Edit

By visiting the website and participating in "the Quest", participants can unlock additional content, like computer wallpapers, to download. The Quest itself features games (like finding a specific target in an image, by using the sonic screwdriver as a detector) to hone in (to register 100 on the scale). Once located, the "Target" provides additional information used in further puzzles involving both words and numbers.

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