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The Empire of Glass was the sixteenth novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by Andy Lane and featured the First Doctor, Vicki Pallister and Steven Taylor. It also featured Irving Braxiatel, during one of his earliest incarnations.

Publisher's summary[]

"There is a old Venetian saying," the Doctor murmured. "The council of ten send you to the torture chamber; the council of three send you to the grave."

A strange invitation brings the Doctor, Steven and Vicki to Venice in the year of our Lord 1609: a place of politics and poison, science and superstition, telescopes and terror. Galileo Galilei is there demonstrating his new invention to the Doge, and William Shakespeare is working as a spy for King James I. And there are other visitors too: inhuman ones that lurk in the shadows, watching — and killing.

Vicki is abducted to a flying island. Steven is accused of murder and challenged to a duel. The Doctor, meanwhile, finds himself at the centre of what looks like an attempted invasion. But who are the invaders? And why can't they proceed without his help?


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Drugs and medicines[]

  • Braxiatel gives a drug to Shakespeare that removes his memory of the last twenty-four hours.

Foods and beverages[]


Law and order[]

  • The role of the Doctor in banning the use of miniscopes is known throughout nine galaxies.
  • Irving Braxiatel has set up a conference to create the Armageddon Convention.

Libraries and archives[]



Earth locations[]

  • The Doctor notes that Venice sank beneath the surface of the ocean centuries before either Vicki or Steven were born.




  • Includes two illustrations in the print edition as well as a new cover and nine additional illustrations in the e-book by Mike Nicholson, originally published on the BBC's website.

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