The Emissaries of Jevo was a comic strip published in TV Century 21.

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The Jevons are on a mission to destroy deadly plants on the planet Arides their path takes them through Skaro's space.

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The spaceship Guardian is a craft launched from Jevo with people on board who are travelling to the planet Arides to destroy a deadly plant, which has recently mutated and now threatens all life in the cosmos.

Their path to the planet takes them close to Skaro where they draw the attention of the Daleks. The Daleks capture the Guardian bringing it down to the surface of Skaro.

The Jevons are captured by the Daleks, but the Jevon Commander is able to trick the Dalek Emperor into letting him leave on his mission.

But the Daleks discover the ruse and follow the Jevons, destroying them.

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