The Eleventh Doctor Adventures, later known as Eleventh Doctor Tales, was a box set collecting all fourteen Eleventh Doctor NSA audio stories.

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Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill and Meera Syal are among the readers of this exclusive collection of original audio adventures.

Join the Eleventh Doctor on journeys in time and space in the stories The Runaway Train by Oli Smith, The Ring of Steel by Stephen Cole, The Jade Pyramid by Martin Day, The Hounds of Artemis by James Goss, The Gemini Contagion by Jason Arnopp, Eye of the Jungle by Darren Jones, Blackout by Oli Smith, The Art of Death by James Goss, Darkstar Academy by Mark Morris, Day of the Cockroach by Steve Lyons, The Nu-Humans by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, The Empty House by Simon Guerrier, Sleepers in the Dust by Darren Jones and Snake Bite by Scott Handcock.

The readers are Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill, Clare Corbett, Meera Syal, David Troughton, Stuart Milligan, Raquel Cassidy, Alexander Armstrong and Frances Barber.

Stories Edit

Title Author Read by Featuring Published
The Ring of Steel Stephen Cole Arthur Darvill Amy 5 August 2010
The Runaway Train Oli Smith Matt Smith 6 October 2010
The Jade Pyramid Martin Day 10 February 2011
The Hounds of Artemis James Goss Matt Smith, Clare Corbett 5 May 2011
The Gemini Contagion Jason Arnopp Meera Syal 14 March 2011
The Eye of the Jungle Darren Jones David Troughton Amy, Rory 7 July 2011
Blackout Oli Smith Stuart Milligan 9 September 2011
The Art of Death James Goss Raquel Cassidy 5 January 2012
Darkstar Academy Mark Morris Alexander Armstrong 8 March 2012
Day of the Cockroach Steve Lyons Arthur Darvill 3 May 2012
The Nu-Humans Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Raquel Cassidy 5 July 2012
The Empty House Simon Guerrier 6 September 2012
Sleepers in the Dust Darren Jones Arthur Darvill 1 November 2012
Snake Bite Scott Handcock Frances Barber 6 December 2012

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Eleventh Doctor Tales

Cover with the title Eleventh Doctor Tales.

  • The collection was later rereleased under the title Eleventh Doctor Tales.

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