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The Eleven Day Empire was the first Faction Paradox audio story, and — along with The Shadow Play — half of the series' first chapter.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]


Era: Non-specific.
Technology: Post-linear (subtle), time-active.

Even before the outbreak of the "War in Heaven", Faction Paradox was regarded as the most unpredictable (and opportunistic) of the time-active powers. Aware of the precarious nature of history -- but under no obligation to protect it -- while the other Great Houses were still attempting to uphold a "universal order", the Faction was following its own, far more ambiguous, protocols. Ruthless, secretive and at times difficult to understand, it's hardly surprising that the Faction should have eventually found itself under siege from its rival powers...

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  • A brief uncredited role in this story is that of the voices of the Unkindnesses. Lawrence Miles specified in his script that the Unkindnesses could be played by anyone in the cast.
  • The script to this story, dated to April 15 2000, was released on the Faction Paradox website in 2003. [1]
  • The story was recorded on 14 July 2001. [2]

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