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The Eleven was the first story of Doom Coalition 1, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Matt Fitton and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, Nicola Walker as Liv Chenka and introduced Mark Bonnar as the Eleven and Robert Bathurst as Cardinal Padrac.

Publisher's summary[]

The Eleven. A Time Lord whose previous personalities live on in his mind: arguing, plotting, jostling for supremacy... He is also Gallifrey's most dangerous criminal. And he has escaped.

The Doctor is recalled to his homeworld to lead the hunt. As they search the Capitol's corridors of power, the Academy halls and the cells of the highest security penitentiary, Liv realises the worst monsters may be among the Doctor's own people.

For inside his fractured mind, the Eleven has a plan. And its deadly consequences will extend through space and time...


The Seventh Doctor visits the Eleven, whom he has stopped and trapped, before he is locked away by the Time Lords. Cardinal Padrac calls the Doctor, letting him know that the President has one final task for him, and the Eleven is frozen, shouting that it will be child's play to escape.

The Castellan briefs Kiani on the security and protocols before her interview with the Eleven, who has been especially defrosted, as part of her thesis with permission from Cardinal Padrac.

On Destrana, the Eighth Doctor and Liv Chenka manage to escape from the natives, who had tied them up and planned to eat them to celebrate their freedom from an interdimensional spider god.

Kiana interviews the Eleven, whom the Castellan, watching over a camera, believes is toying with her. She asks about his regenerative dissonance, wondering if it was caused by some trauma, and talks to a number of his previous incarnations.

The Doctor and Liv manage to locate the TARDIS.

Feeling that the Eleven is getting bored with Kiani, the Castellan sends a guard detail to the cell. The monitor feed suddenly cuts out and the Castellan finds Kiani unconscious and the Eleven missing, ordering someone to inform Cardinal Padrac.

The Doctor and Liv enter the TARDIS which dematerialises without warning, having been summoned to Gallifrey. They meet Cardinal Padrac and Farina who tell them about the Eleven's escape. Unbeknownst to them, the Eleven has killed two guards in the tunnels and taken two stasers. When Liv says that she can see the Eleven escape in the footage, the Doctor realises that he used an eye filter.

Whilst Liv and Cardinal Padrac search Kiani's quarters at the Time Lord Academy, the Doctor and Farina visit Kiani to determine her involvement in the escape of the Eleven, who kills a captain and takes some of his possessions. The Doctor realises that they are wasting their time with Kiani, whom the Eleven has left alive for that very purpose.

The Eleven uses the captain's biodata and security pass, linked to a High Council seal, to break into the presidential suite and the president's office.

Cardinal Padrac tells Liv about President Romanadvoratrelundar before finding more biochips in Kiani's room. Whilst Farina sees this as damning, the Doctor believes that they were planted by somebody wanting to take down Romana's progressive regime. The Eleven broadcasts a message across Gallifrey, declaring himself Acting Lord President under the in absentia in chaotica protocol.

Time grenades materialise around the Capitol and primary power is lost, releasing criminals from the prison, but the Doctor, Farina and Kiani manage to escape thanks to Kiani's knowledge of the facility. Whilst the Doctor realises that the Castellan has been hypnotised since before he was an ensign, Liv and Cardinal Padrac enter the Academy through a secret tunnel and the Eleven takes the cardinal hostage. Liv takes Cardinal Padrac's place and tells him to alert the Doctor.

Once Farina and her CIA agents have infiltrated the president's office with lock burners, the Eleven uses the Sash of Rassilon to neutralise them, killing the agents and putting the mind probe on Farina to extract her knowledge. As the Castellan breaks into the office, the Eleven takes Liv to the Omega Vault and smashes the Urn of Rassilon, leaving with the Regeneration Codex. Kiani determines that the Eleven will steal a TARDIS and flee Gallifrey.

Reaching the Eleven in time, Kiani successfully persuades the Eleven to take her as his companion instead of Liv, but he kills her with a biodata disseminator before fleeing in a stolen TARDIS.

Cardinal Padrac informs the Doctor that the Eleven's TARDIS cannot be traced but that a temporal anomaly became apparent on 1960s Earth at the instant of his departure. Feeling guilty for the Eleven's escape, the Doctor says that it is his responsibility to recapture him and invites Liv to join him, which she accepts.





  • Arcadia is used as an exclamation as a name in vain.






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