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The Eleven was the main alias used by the eleventh incarnation of a Renegade Time Lord who suffered from regenerative dissonance.

Biography Edit

The Dark Universe Edit

Having learned of the Dark Universe, a dark alternate universe discovered by the Time Lords in the distant past, the Eleven sought to unleash its power by tracking the Dark Gate on Earth. Tracing its location to an isolated country, the Eleven contacted the Seventh Doctor's former companion Ace to use her charitable contacts to get into the country, as the Gate disrupted any attempt to get there by TARDIS and Ace's recent interviews suggested that she was more hostile to the Doctor than she actually was.

Having discovered the Dark Gate, the Eleven opened it just enough to make contact with the Dark Citizens and use their power to make himself ruler of the universe, destroying entire races such as the Daleks and the Sontarans, while reprogramming the Cybermen to be his agents, also forcing the Doctor to act as his fool with the intent that he would kill the Doctor only a century after the Doctor had genuinely given up. The Dark Citizens attempted to provoke the Eleven into unleashing them in full, but the Doctor was aided by Ace, Cardinal Ollistra and Captain Rasmus in taking the Eleven by surprise and trapping him in a Matrix projection, the Doctor subsequently making a deal with the Dark Citizens to restore the universe mostly to normal. (AUDIO: Dark Universe)

Imprisonment and escape Edit

Having been captured by the Seventh Doctor (AUDIO: The Eleven) and Rasmus, (AUDIO: Desperate Measures) the Eleven was imprisoned on Gallifrey. Later he managed to escape and steal a TARDIS. The Eighth Doctor was brought in to find him. The Eleven installed himself as Lord President by an ancient edict, as he created a state of emergency while the Lord President was off-world. He used the Sash of Rassilon to freeze the Time Lords. (AUDIO: The Eleven)

Affairs with the Doom Coalition Edit

The Eleven hired Fortuna and Cleaver to bring the Doctor to him. (AUDIO: The Galileo Trap)

The Eleven found the prototype stellar manipulator and planned to use the death of a Time Lord to activate it and destroy the solar system. He captured the Doctor for these means. The Eleven's plans were prevented by an unknown force, and the Doctor's sonic screwdriver signalled for his TARDIS to land nearby, allowing him to escape. (AUDIO: The Satanic Mill)

The Eleven was once interviewed by Caleera for the archives, as he knew she was special. He convinced her to amplify her powers for his plans. (AUDIO: Scenes From Her Life) He then came to Syra as part of his plans with Caleera. He planned a trap in the mines to kill the Doctor. He also tried to kill Liv in the mines, but River Song stopped him. He wanted to use Caleera to destroy planets. (AUDIO: The Sonomancer) He sabotaged Livia's TARDIS before he went to the Crucible of Souls and found out that Veklin had abandoned it. (AUDIO: Songs of Love)

The Eleven later followed the Doctor and his companions to 1970s New York to track Ollistra and destroy the remaining Time Lords who were against Padrac's plans. There, he met the Monk and found out about the alliance of Ollistra and the Weeping Angels. He later manipulated the Monk and the Weeping Angels to do his bidding, helped by the Monk's desire to save his own life and used the latter to take the Time Lords who were hiding in New York as hostages. After a heated argument, he pushed Ollistra from the top of the building and fought the Doctor. Then, it was revealed that Padrac was just using the Eleven as a pawn, causing a commotion between his past incarnations. This pushed the Eleven to use his Time Ring to go back to Gallifrey and see the truth. The Doctor used this as his chance to follow him to Gallifrey. (AUDIO: The Side of the Angels)

The Eleven later found out that he could not enter the Capitol, and was found by Tessno outside the city. The latter almost killed him due to a personal grudge, but the Doctor stopped her from doing so. The Eleven was later brought in to the headquarters of the Opposition. Tessno was asked to lock him inside a room, where he provoked Tessno by using her grudge against her. Tessno released the Eleven to challenge him, but he killed her instead and escaped. He later brought Helen as a hostage and rode a Battle TARDIS to counter the plan of the Doctor to disguise as the Eleven to infiltrate Padrac's headquarters. When Caleera gave Helen the power of the Sonomancer, he was held down by Helen as the latter used the Battle TARDIS to destroy the Resonance Engine. (AUDIO: Stop the Clock)

Running from the Ravenous Edit

The Eleven and Helen on Rykerzon

The Eleven and Helen Sinclair as prisoners of Rykerzon. (AUDIOWorld of Damnation)

The Battle TARDIS crashlanded on Rykerzon, and Helen and the Eleven were taken as prisoners. During that time, Helen cared for the Eleven and tried to help him control his condition, suppress the voices of his other incarnations. The Eleven pretended to be receptive, even calling Helen his "saviour", but it was all an act, since he wanted to use her new abilities from the Sonomancer in his plans, and link her with the psychic spider. When the Eighth Doctor and Liv arrived looking for Helen, she was thrilled to see them again, despite the Doctor being sceptical of her. Eventually, the Eleven joined with the Kandyman to take over Colony 23, a plan which was then stopped by the Doctor, Liv and Helen. He got away and became terrified of the Ravenous' arrival, something he saw whilst being linked to the psychic spider. (AUDIOWorld of DamnationSweet Salvation)

The Eleven and the Doctor in Jaxa's TARDIS

The Eleven, the Eighth Doctor and one Ravenous in Jaxa's TARDIS. (AUDIO: Seizure)

The Eleven was able to kill Jaxa and steal her TARDIS, but the ship was somehow attacked by one of the Ravenous, forcing him to send a distress call to the Doctor. When the Doctor traced the call back to its source, the Eleven explained what was on Jaxa's ship, but subsequently stole the Doctor's TARDIS while the Doctor and Helen were trying to save the trapped Liv from the Ravenous, leaving them on Jaxa's dying TARDIS. (AUDIO: Seizure)

However, the Eleven was forced to return for the Doctor when he realized that he couldn't outrun the Ravenous on his own, (AUDIO: Deeptime Frontier) even helping to rescue Liv and Helen from the space station where they were being held captive by the Nine. (AUDIO: Companion Piece) After tracking the legends of the Ravenous to determine where they were previously defeated, (AUDIO: L.E.G.E.N.D.) the Eleven discovered that the monastery that was allegedly the place where they were trapped was actually part of a trap set by the Nine, who had learned that their regenerative dissonance made them uniquely immune to the Ravenous, as it made their regenerative energy unpalatable. However, the Eleven was disgusted with the Nine for wasting this knowledge of their immunity to the Ravenous on such a petty attack on the Doctor, forcing the Nine to retreat while he convinced the Ravenous to let him allegedly "banish" them from this dimension. Having also convinced his other selves to pretend that they had been drained away by an attack from the Ravenous, the Eleven intended to remain with the Doctor, Liv and Helen until he was ready to unleash the Ravenous on the universe once again to achieve his full revenge on his enemies in this universe. (AUDIO: The Odds Against)

Alliance with the Ravenous Edit

Now allied with the Ravenous, the Eleven pretended to go along with the Doctor's plan to take him for medical treatment somewhere quiet. While this plan failed when the planet the Doctor took him to was revealed to be a living being that 'ate' anything on it as part of a complex life cycle, and the Eleven inadvertently revealed that his other selves still existed, he was able to affirm his alleged desire to reform by saving the Doctor, Liv and Helen from the planet. (AUDIO: Whisper)

Convincing the Doctor that he still desired peace, the Eleven requested to be taken to the desert planet Parrak, allegedly to live as a hermit. However, his true goal was to find the tomb of the ancient Gallifreyan scientist Artron, where he could retrieve Artron's Matrix print and thus his knowledge of regeneration. The plan was seemingly compromised when it was revealed that the Master (in his burnt incarnation) was after the same thing. The Eleven proposed an alliance which the ailing Master accepted, although he was unaware the Eleven had stolen one of his weapons and unleashed the Ravenous on him and the Doctor. Although the Doctor and the Master tried to stop him, the Eleven left the Master to be killed by the Ravenous while he retrieved the Matrix print. (AUDIO: Planet of Dust)

Returning to the Crucible of Souls, while the Ravenous fed on the Time Lord security team assigned to decommission the base, the Eleven was able to use Artron's Matrix print to reverse the polarity of the Crucible; where it would have once absorbed life energy from the dying universe, it could now grant the gift of regeneration to the entire universe, making them all potential food for the Ravenous. As the Eleven revelled in the thought of being the last being left in the universe, he was contacted by three incarnations of the Master, who offered him the still-living Artron if he would spare them from the Ravenous's current spree. The Eleven accepted the deal while planning to betray the Masters anyway, but he was unaware that Artron had inadvertently created the Ravenous, who still harboured some memory of his kindness to them before their transformation. While Liv (who had gained perpetual regeneration as she was on the Crucible when it activated) kept the Eleven's Ravenous guards occupied, the Doctor was able to help Artron realise that he could restore the Ravenous to their old state, Artron sacrificing his own life to revert the Ravenous back to the Kolstani while the Masters used the Crucible to take the ability to regenerate away from the rest of the universe. (AUDIO: Day of the Master)

Death Edit

Attempting to escape the Crucible, the Eleven retreated to a TARDIS, where he was confronted by the "Deathworm" Master, the "War" Master and Missy. He attempted to propose an alliance between them as the Doctor's two greatest enemies, but the Masters all dismissed the idea of him as anything but "a twisted mess", and they also scorned the way he'd tried to pitch the idea of them joining together as the greatest enemies of the Doctor, a title that belonged to the Master alone. Each one of the three Masters took turns in shooting him before they kicked him out of the TARDIS. Missy left him her vortex manipulator, claiming that they weren't completely heartless. As with the Eight, the Eleven had to endure the scathing criticisms of his previous selves and their taunts. He tried to find Artrons' Matrix Print to heal himself, but quickly found out the Master had already stolen it. Resigned to his fate even if he hated the thought of being pushed into the depths of his own mind like his previous selves, the Eleven was left to regenerate into the Twelve. (AUDIO: Day of the Master)

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