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The Eighth of March was a special boxset released on International Women's Day 2019, bringing together some of the women who have played major roles in the Doctor Who universe.

Publisher's summary[]

Scattered through all of space and time, there are many women whose paths have crossed that of the Doctor.

Some were once fellow TARDIS travellers, some staunch allies defending the Earth, and one was the Doctor's wife...

From Victorian London, to an intergalactic convention, from the offices of UNIT, to an impossible university library – on the 8th of March, four very different adventures will unfold.

1.1 Emancipation by Lisa McMullin

When River Song crashes a Galactic Heritage convention, posing as the wrong Time Lord, Leela is sent by Gallifrey to investigate.

But before the canapés are cold and the champagne becomes warm, they find themselves embroiled in a royal kidnapping.

1.2 The Big Blue Book by Lizzie Hopley

With the Doctor AWOL, Benny and Ace are left to their own devices, going native in a Liverpool university.

Benny accepts an invitation she really shouldn't, and Ace meets a very strange collector.

An alien library is about to gain a big, blue book... but where's the TARDIS?

1.3 Inside Every Warrior by Gemma Langford

The Great Detective, Madame Vastra, aided by her resourceful spouse, Jenny Flint, and loyal valet, Strax, is looking into a series of mysterious break-ins.

An eccentric scientist and his put-upon assistant are the latest victims. Evidence mounts, with animal footprints and a trail of destruction.

1.4 Narcissus by Sarah Grochala

When one of their own goes missing, Kate Stewart and the two Osgoods decide to investigate.

Narcissus is interested only in the most beautiful people, but as the UNIT operatives are about to discover, its true purpose is something far from desirable.


# Title Author Director Featuring Released Pr. code
1.1 Emancipation Lisa McMullin Helen Goldwyn River, Leela 8 March 2019 BFP8MARCH
1.2 The Big Blue Book Lizzie Hopley Benny, Ace, Seventh Doctor
1.3 Inside Every Warrior Gemma Langford Vastra, Jenny, Strax
1.4 Narcissus Sarah Grochala Kate, Osgood, Osgood, Josh, Jacqui


  • This was the first appearance of Jenny Flint on audio and the first time that the entire Paternoster Gang appeared on audio together.
  • This was the first Big Finish box-set with an all-female writing staff.
  • The idea behind the box-set for International Women's Day belongs to producer David Richardson, who noted in VOR 121 that almost every writing entry for Big Finish was by male writers, so he wanted to send the message that Big Finish was an open company for everyone.
  • This box set was recorded on 11 September and 18, 25 and 29 October 2018 at the Moat Studios.

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