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The Eighth Doctor Adventures was an audio series produced by Big Finish Productions beginning in 2006. It starred the Eighth Doctor, played by Paul McGann, Lucie Miller, played by Sheridan Smith and Tamsin Drew, played by Niky Wardley.

The series was originally marketed as "The New Eighth Doctor Adventures", but Big Finish Productions had largely dropped the word "New" by the series' fourth and final series. They differed substantially in price and format from Big Finish's monthly line. On the Big Finish podcast, these stories were sometimes informally called "the eighth Doctor and Lucie adventures".

The series first debuted on BBC Radio 7 with the first part of Blood of the Daleks on 31 December 2006. Each episode of the first season was broadcast alongside a 10 minute making of entitled Beyond the Vortex. However, the second, third and fourth series debuted on CD prior to their radio broadcasts, carrying over to Radio 7's rebranded successor, BBC Radio 4 Extra.

For the third series, Big Finish introduced a unique release method. The series format changed to a series of 16 25 minute episodes as opposed to 50 minute episodes. In absence of a 2009 TV series, a new episode was released as a download every Saturday evening on a weekly basis, and subscribers would be able to receive the physical CD upon release. However, this release method did not carry over to the fourth season. In the case of the third season, its radio broadcast was heavily condensed and only stories which did not feature returning monsters (Orbis, The Beast of Orlok, The Scapegoat and The Cannibalists) were presented in edited forms.

The series was notable for driving the Eighth Doctor towards the darker personality as seen in the following audio series, Dark Eyes. Additionally, it introduced a third variation on the Eighth Doctor's theme tune composed by Nicholas Briggs, although the David Arnold arrangement was used during the first series.


Series 1[]

Main article: Series 1 (8DA)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1.1 / 1.2 Blood of the Daleks Steve Lyons Lucie, Daleks January 2007
1.3 Horror of Glam Rock Paul Magrs Lucie, Pat March 2007
1.4 Immortal Beloved Jonathan Clements Lucie April 2007
1.5 Phobos Eddie Robson May 2007
1.6 No More Lies Paul Sutton June 2007
1.7 / 1.8 Human Resources Eddie Robson Lucie, Cybermen, the Headhunter, Karen, Straxus July - August 2007

Series 2[]

Main article: Series 2 (8DA)
# Title Author Featuring Released
2.1 Dead London Pat Mills Lucie January 2008
2.2 Max Warp Jonathan Morris February 2008
2.3 Brave New Town Jonathan Clements Lucie, Nestene March 2008
2.4 The Skull of Sobek Marc Platt Lucie April 2008
2.5 Grand Theft Cosmos Eddie Robson Lucie, the Headhunter, Karen May 2008
2.6 The Zygon Who Fell to Earth Paul Magrs Lucie, Pat, Zygons June 2008
2.7 Sisters of the Flame Nicholas Briggs Lucie, Morbius, Sisterhood of Karn, Straxus July 2008
2.8 The Vengeance of Morbius August 2008

Series 3[]

Main article: Series 3 (8DA)
# Title Author Featuring Released
3.1 Orbis Alan Barnes, Nicholas Briggs Lucie, the Headhunter March 2009
3.2 Hothouse Jonathan Morris Lucie, Krynoids April 2009
3.3 The Beast of Orlok Barnaby Edwards Lucie May 2009
3.4 Wirrn Dawn Nicholas Briggs Lucie, Wirrn June 2009
3.5 The Scapegoat Pat Mills Lucie July 2009
3.6 The Cannibalists Jonathan Morris August 2009
3.7 The Eight Truths Eddie Robson Lucie, Karen, Eight Legs September 2009
3.8 Worldwide Web October 2009

Series 4[]

Main article: Series 4 (8DA)
# Title Author Featuring Released
4.1 Death in Blackpool Alan Barnes Lucie, Pat, Zygons December 2009
4.2 Situation Vacant Eddie Robson Tamsin July 2010
4.3 Nevermore Alan Barnes August 2010
4.4 The Book of Kells Barnaby Edwards Tamsin, the Monk, Lucie September 2010
4.5 Deimos Jonathan Morris Tamsin, Ice Warriors October 2010
4.6 The Resurrection of Mars Tamsin, Lucie, Ice Warriors, the Monk November 2010
4.7 Relative Dimensions Marc Platt Susan, Alex, Lucie December 2010
4.8 Prisoner of the Sun Eddie Robson January 2011
4.9 Lucie Miller Nicholas Briggs Daleks, Lucie, Susan, Alex, the Monk, Tamsin February 2011
4.10 To the Death 31 March 2011

Continuing adventures[]

Around the end of Ravenous, the 2019 Big Finish website would later list the Eighth Doctor's later box sets as though they belonged to the original Eighth Doctor Adventures. Starting with Dark Eyes, these were originally indepedent productions; The Eighth Doctor Adventures formally ended, at the time, with AUDIO: To the Death in 2011.

Even Eighth Doctor stories from Classic Series - Special Releases and Bonus Releases would be moved into this category on the website. For context, Big Finish also repurposed smaller ranges, like The Fifth Doctor Adventures, to mean something entirely new, in favour of consistent nomenclature. To allow for both interpretations, these newer series are listed below.

Special Releases[]

Title Author Featuring Released
Living Legend Scott Gray Charley November 2003
An Earthly Child Marc Platt Susan, Alex December 2009

The Eighth Doctor: The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller[]

Main article: The Eighth Doctor: The Further Adventures of Lucie Miller: Volume One
# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Dalek Trap Nicholas Briggs Lucie, Daleks 10 July 2019
2 The Revolution Game Alice Cavender Lucie
3 The House on the Edge of Chaos Eddie Robson
4 Island of the Fendahl Alan Barnes Lucie, Fendahl

Charlotte Pollard: The Further Adventuress[]

Main article: Charlotte Pollard: The Further Adventuress (audio anthology)
# Title Author Featuring Released
1 The Mummy Speaks! Alan Barnes 19 January 2022
2 Eclipse Lisa McMullin
3 The Slaying of the Writhing Mass Eddie Robson
4 Heart of Orion Nicholas Briggs Deeva Jansen


  • The first season aired on BBC7 as BBC Radio dramas before their release on CD.

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