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The Eight Doctors of Christmas was the twelfth prose text in Short Trips anthology Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury, it was written by Matthew Griffiths. Unlike the other works presented in this anthology The Eight Doctors of Christmas is presented as a poetical version of The Twelve Days of Christmas.


Stanza 1[]

Mentions the First Doctor with a TARDIS and a spare key.

Stanza 2[]

References the Second Doctor returning to Gallifrey with "mortal chums" Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot.

Stanza 3 & 4[]

In the third stanza references the Third Doctor's exile to Earth, with "mortal chums" and his TARDIS not working.

In the fourth stanza references Omega and his gel guards, and the return of the Doctor's ability to time travel.

Stanza 5 & 6[]

In the fifth stanza references the Fourth Doctors cyber-vengeance against the Cybermen, cybermats along with gold and "two mortal chums" (Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan).

In the sixth stanza it mentions the Fourth Doctor's encounter with the Vardans and the invasion of Gallifrey by the Sontarans.

Stanza 7 & 8[]

References are made to Monarch and the Fifth Doctor's "four mortal chums" (Adric, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka).

In the eighth stanza Borusa's quest for immortality in the Death Zone are referenced.

Stanza 9 & 10[]

Referencing the Sixth Doctor's adventures these two stanzas cover his encounter with Jamie McCrimmon. Dastari and the Sontarans and the TARDIS Stattenheim remote control.

The tenth stanza references the Sixth Doctor's trial, the Valeyard, Darkel and the Seventh Door.

Stanza 11[]

This mentions the Seventh Doctor's encounter on Terra Alpha and the pipe people, the Kandyman and Helen A.

Stanza 12[]

This references the Eighth Doctor's encounter on Earth following his regeneration, and following moments visiting ITAR, combating Bruce and the TARDIS' spare key.


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