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The Edifice, seen from the outside. (AUDIO: The Forever Trap)

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The Edifice was a massive building filled with luxury suites.

From the outside, the Edifice was spherical with rows and rows of rooms, each surrounded by scaffolding. It orbited a mauve star. It was surrounded by an atmosphere sleeve to keep in the air. The Edifice also had a translator which converted names to more pronounceable forms and a self-repair system.

Inside, the building seemed to be filled with hallways which stretched out into infinity. The interior was spatially warped, increasing the space inside. The elevators were also spatial warped, allowing them to reach any floor or room. Each room had a bedroom with a walk-in-closest, a dining room and a kitchen with food replicator. The window showed a holocination from the inhabitant's past, with more than one person creating a mixed view.

The advertisement was done with viral transmissions, which produced holograms of sharply dressed men. These transmissions were transmitted across the universe and were a form of advanced spam. The superintendent was an identical looking hologram. These superintendents would bring the intruders to the leader. Other employees, like Frank, were obtained with similar advertisements which teleported them to the Edifice. (AUDIO: The Forever Trap)


The Edifice was originally created as a normal apartment building. At some point, an Ilk came to the Edifice and subverted the structure to its own purposes. The viral advertisements were boosted, not taking "no" for an answer and teleporting people to the Edifice if they even touched the advertisement. With all the people thrown together against their wills, they produced strong emotions for the Ilk to feed on. This continued for at least 2 years.

The Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble were taken to the Edifice when a viral advertisement got into the TARDIS and they teleported to Floor 160. They started heading down the stairs to find out the source, but were attacked by refugees and escaped to Floor 141. There, they found the corpses of Phillip Krill and his family and were thought by other residents to be the murderers. They managed to escape when the Karturans attacked from Floor 140. They went through the hole the Karturans made to Floor 140, but the Doctor fell through the floor due to the damage caused by the nanovores. When Donna tried to help him, she was trapped as well. They were able to escape by activating the elevator. With the elevator's operator's help, they were able to get to the Management Level. They deliberately got themselves got by the superintendents, who brought them to the Ilk. The Doctor was then able to reverse the controls, teleporting the Ilk away and removing everyone who didn't want to be there. (AUDIO: The Forever Trap)


After the Ilk took over, the lower levels were more decrepit. There were at least 175 floors.

  • Management Level: These floors were off limits to residents. They housed the various devices used to maintain the Edifice. One room also housed the Ilk.
  • Floor 139: This floor was completely dismembered by nanovores.
  • Floor 140: This floor was partly damaged by nanovores and the inhabitants were killed by a group of Karturans.
  • Floor 141: This floor was in a state of chaos. It was eventually conquered by a group of Karturans. Phillip Krill and his parents had a room there but died on arrival.
  • Floor 160: This was the floor where the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble first arrived. Most of the inhabitants lived there by choice.
  • Floor 165: Zuzu's owner lived here. (AUDIO: The Forever Trap)