Doctor Who: The Edge of Time was a virtual reality video game created by the BBC and Maze Theory. It featured the Thirteenth Doctor's voice, performed by Jodie Whittaker, and the TARDIS taking the player on an adventure through Space and Time. It featured the Weeping Angels and the Daleks, and introduced two brand new monsters: the Hydrorks and the Zlysters.

Originally scheduled to launch in September, an early version of the game was made playable at MCM Comic Con in London on 24, 25 and 26 May 2019.[1]

Another opportunity to play the game was made available at San Diego Comic-Con by BBC America on 18, 19, 20 and 21 July 2019.[2]

As the game was announced in mid-September to be delayed, but with no new launch yet announced, a third opportunity to play the game was made available at a special event at Protein Studios in East London on 27 and 28 September 2019. Attendees had to book a time, though.[3]

Demos were made available to play at London Comic Con on 25 to 27 October 2019.[4]

It was released on 12 November 2019 on PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE and VIVE Cosmos.[1] While the game was delayed for Oculus Quest.[5]

Maze Theory, BBC Studios and publisher PlayStack also partnered with Synthesis VR, SpringboardVR, Ctrl V and Vive Arcade to make the game available in more than 100 arcades worldwide, located across the UK, Europe, Asia and North America on 23 November.[6]

It was announced by Maze Theory that Oculus Quest users would have to wait almost exactly one month from original official release, being available in December.[5] It was, however, delayed once again to 23 January 2020, on which it finally was released, along with a PC VR patch that adds support to the Valve Index.[7]

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A new mysterious enemy threatens to tear apart the universe and only you can stop them! Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time lets players embark on an adventure through space and time. Travel across the universe, visit alien locations, pilot the TARDIS and solve the mystery of the controlling force behind...

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The Doctor recruits someone to help her against a reality virus. The companion escapes a London laudrette, filled with incubated Hydrorks, using the Doctor's sonic screwdriver she transmatted in the manager's office safe and calls the TARDIS, narrowly escaping a Dalek spaceship which detected the Gallifreyan technology.

The companion then goes collecting three zeiton crystals to help the Doctor use a vortex manipulator to escape the end of time and deal with the reality virus. First, landing in a jungle which is revealed to be only one of over 2,000 environments of the spaceship SS Lucia Minor. Guided by the female voice of Emer, the companion goes to zone 7 to discover the ship abandonned, with hybernating Zlysters. In the cockpit, the companion discover that EMER was the lifesupport AI of the ship which became sentient after Zlysters changed into Tazmas, massacred the passengers and planned to escape the ship and be captured by the Shadow Proclamation to gain attention. Emer and the Companion change the course of the ship, take the Time Crystal from the circuits and get inside the TARDIS after it was transmatted in the cockpit, Emer being downloaded inside the sonic screwdriver.

The Companion and Emer then go to Sir Manfred Grayle's home in late Victorian era London to get the Time Crystal from Magnus Greel's Time cabinet under it while escaping Weeping Angels. It is opened using the trionic lattice hidden in a gramophone.

After the Doctor explains that The First, the original living being in the universe and creator of all other life, is responsible for the reality virus, the companion and Emer take the third and final crystal in the Temple of the First on Metebelis IV, a sentient planet invaded by Bronze Daleks trying to harness the power of the crystal. The companion manages to get through by getting inside and using a Dalek casing. They then use the three crystals to open a stone structure and reveal the TARDIS.

The TARDIS has its interior deleted by the virus and by exiting it the companion arrives in the Inner Temple of the First and meets her. She explains her plan to kill the universe and rebirth its inhabitants better. The Doctor reveals that she lied to the companion: she did not need the crystals and planted them so that the companion could visit the locations so that they were the last to disappear since the First would spy on them. The Doctor met the First to try and failed to make her change her opinion of the universe. She then tells the companion to go to the visited location by thought while the universe is being destroyed to collect three disguised objects which actually are a Time Lord device created to put the First in a time loop.

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Main article: The Edge of Time (soundtrack)

The soundtrack is available for purchase.[8] Although the Segun Akinola theme was used, Wilkinson also made a cover of the Doctor Who theme using FAME's orchestra and released it on his YouTube channel.

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