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The Edge of Redemption was the first story in the audio anthology Hearts of Darkness, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by David Llewellyn and featured Derek Jacobi as "The Master" and Seán Carlsen as Narvin.


On Edge City, the "War Master" is tasked by Coordinator Narvin to travel to the Lehar System to find "the Doctor". "The Master" was told by Narvin to look for a pilot to take him on the rest of the journey, and he complains that he has no money to pay them. Narvin provides a credit card with a million credits to cover his expenses.

As "the Master" wanders through the city, a pickpocket named Kriket stole his card. "The Master" chases after him and corners Kriket in an alleyway. "The Master" manages to threaten Kriket into returning the card as well as assist him in finding a pilot. On the way, "the Master" introduces himself as "Mr. Seta" while Kriket introduces himself as a refugee.

They enter a tavern and "the Master" is introduced to Captain Jovern Morski. "The Master" proposes to pay him to go to the Lehar System. Morski informs he would accept, but his ship, the Domdaniel, has been impounded for non-payment. "The Master" then proposes a plan to steal back the ship.

Later, "Master", Morski and Kriket goes to stake out the Tempest Cube impound. "The Master" uses a pair Ultrasonic Thermo-sensitive Binoculars to scan the impound. The outer wall is 3 meters thick with the inner wall being 2 meters thick, with an energy field in between and drones guarding the entire facility. "The Master" announces they need someone to crawl into a small vent. Morski suggests a Medusan, and Kriket says there's one on Redemption. "The Master" inquires as to her whereabouts, and Kriket says she can be found at the circus.

At the circus, they find the Medusan known as Ilya performing as a trapeze artist. Kriket got volunteered by the others to go backstage and confront her. Kriket confronts her and manages to convince her to come with him. They then go to discuss the plan on breaking in to the Tempest Cube impound.

"The Master" explains to Ilya her role in the heist. She is to crawl into a vent and shut down the energy field. She inquires as to Kriket's role. He is to stay on guard outside the ventilation shaft. After that, they will infiltrate via the sewer before a series of metal gates close. After they are inside the only way out is via the Domdaniel. They all leave and will meet up again at sun down. While leaving, "the Master" inquires as to where he should rest for the day, and Kriket suggests a hotel called "The Vagabond".

On the way to the hotel, "the Master" was taken into a shuttle and was met by Narvin, who warns him to be more careful. Narvin warns that Ilya recognizes him from Project Blackstar. "The Master" insists that she is required, and he would know if she was plotting something. Meanwhile, Captain Morski is checking the explosives when he was confronted by Ilya. Ilya asks if he trusts Seta, and said he reminds her of the Time Lord who destroyed her homeworld, who used it as a testing ground.

The next day, everyone meets up and proceeds with the plan. Ilya and Kriket heads to the vent and Ilya climbs inside. They both reminisce on their homeworlds and their time on the refugee ship. They hide from a drone, before proceeding to open the vent.

Meanwhile, "the Master" and Morski are travelling towards the drone substation to rig up the explosives. They then notice a drone heading towards them. Morski notes they don't have time to properly set up the explosives, and have to detonate them as they are. Without a choice, they detonate the explosives, destroying the substation. Back to Ilya and Kriket, Ilya successfully climbs into the vent and successfully deactivates the energy field. Ilya then escapes and meets up with everyone else. They then head into the sewer.

They both travel through the sewer when they encounter a mysterious creature. At first Morski thinks it's a Graphler, a small lizard that breaths methane and eats excrement. But Ilya is skeptical, as the creature sounds a lot bigger. The group then encounters it, a gigantic Spider-Rat, which proceeds to give chase. They managed to escape as a gate closed behind them. They then climb up through a shower room.

They finally found the ship. The guards have sounded the alarm and chase them as they run to the ship. While running, "the Master" was shot and knocked unconscious. Ilya takes him to the medical bay in the ship as they take off.

While tending to "the Master", Ilya discovers a double heartbeat and realizes he is a Time Lord. As Morski goes to check up on Ilya, she demands to get the weapons on the ship from the cargo hold. She knocks out Morski and steals his key, and proceeds to acquire a gun.

Meanwhile, Kriket tries to contact the captain but gets no reply. He proceeds to go find him, and discovers Morski being knocked out by Ilya. Morski explains Ilya thinks "the Master" is the one who destroyed Hydrosa. Kriket runs up to Ilya pointing a gun at "the Master". Just as she is about to fire, Kriket runs up and was killed. Ilya was then shot and killed by Captain Morski.

Captain Morski and "the Master" holds a brief funeral for Ilya and Kriket, as their bodies are ejected out into space. Captain Morski reveals Ilya had told him that "the Master" is a Time Lord and wonders if it will ever end. "The Master" can only answer solemnly: "We shall see." as they continue their travels to the Lehar System.



The Master[]

  • The "War Master" was present on the day Redemption was cracked in half.
  • The "War Master" hands Ilya a code-breaking device which he described as a "magic box".


  • Redemption is the closest planet to the Lehar System.
  • Kriket is a refugee from the Jagbar Belt. He arrived on Redemption in a refugee ship.
  • Kriket wants to go to Mermadon.


  • Medusans come from the planet Hydrosa. Their home world was destroyed in the Time War. They have no bones, allowing them to squeeze into tight spaces and contort their bodies. They also have a hot temper.


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