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The Early Adventures was a Doctor Who audio series produced by Big Finish Productions announced in February 2013 with the first release Domain of the Voord being released in September 2014.[1]

The Early Adventures continued telling stories from the first two Doctors that The Companion Chronicles began, although producer David Richardson described the series as having a format closer to that of The Lost Stories "except here we have pushed the format to make these productions sound as much as possible like full cast drama".[2]

In producing The Early Adventures, Richardson also stated that it was intended for each story to feel like the soundtrack to a missing episode of the TV series, following the final audio release of an incomplete BBC serial, The Reign of Terror, in 2006. The first releases aimed to replicate this by having all actors speak in RP (Received Pronunciation) as opposed to regional accents and the use of sparing narration to explain actions hard to portray without visuals. (VOR 67)

The stories were performed with two of the original cast along with a cast sized similarly to the Doctor Who monthly range. The two original cast members performed and narrated characters such as the Doctor and other companions.


Series 1[]

Main article: Series 1 (EA)

The first series consisted of four stories with the First Doctor. In stories featuring Ian Chesterton, William Russell also voiced the Doctor, while in stories featuring Steven Taylor, the Doctor was voiced by Peter Purves. Additionally, Barbara Wright was voiced by Carole Ann Ford in the first story and by Maureen O'Brien in the second, who also portrayed their traditional roles of Susan Foreman and Vicki Pallister. The last story also featured Jean Marsh as Sara Kingdom.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1.1 Domain of the Voord Andrew Smith 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara, Voords 4 September 2014
1.2 The Doctor's Tale Marc Platt Ian, Barbara, Vicki 17 October 2014
1.3 The Bounty of Ceres Ian Potter Vicki, Steven 14 November 2014
1.4 An Ordinary Life Matt Fitton Steven, Sara 16 December 2014

Series 2[]

Main article: Series 2 (EA)

The second series consisted of four stories with the Second Doctor. He was voiced by Frazer Hines in all four stories, who also played his traditional role of Jamie McCrimmon. The role of Ben Jackson was recast, now voiced by Elliot Chapman, as Michael Craze had passed away years before. The second series also featured Anneke Wills as Polly Wright for the first and second stories, Deborah Watling as Victoria Waterfield for the third story and Wendy Padbury as Zoe Heriot for the fourth.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
2.1 The Yes Men Simon Guerrier 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie 16 September 2015
2.2 The Forsaken Justin Richards 15 October 2015
2.3 The Black Hole Simon Guerrier Jamie, Victoria, the Monk 17 November 2015
2.4 The Isos Network Nicholas Briggs Jamie, Zoe, Cybermen 13 January 2016

Series 3[]

Main article: Series 3 (EA)

Series three saw the return of the First Doctor. For the first two stories, the role of Barbara Wright was recast, as Jacqueline Hill was deceased. She was now voiced by Jemma Powell, who had previously played Hill in An Adventure in Space and Time. Additionally, the first story featured Ian and Susan, while the second featured Ian and Vicki. Like the first series, the third story featured Vicki and Steven, while the fourth featured Steven and Sara.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
3.1 The Age of Endurance Nick Wallace 1st Susan, Ian, Barbara 14 September 2016
3.2 The Fifth Traveller Philip Lawrence Ian, Barbara, Vicki 13 October 2016
3.3 The Ravelli Conspiracy Robert Khan, Tom Salinsky Vicki, Steven 10 November 2016
3.4 The Sontarans Simon Guerrier Steven, Sara, Sontarans 14 December 2016

Series 4[]

Main article: Series 4 (EA)

Series four featured the Second Doctor once again, accompanied by Jamie, Ben and Polly for the first three stories, and by Jamie and Zoe in the last.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
4.1 The Night Witches Roland Moore 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie 14 September 2017
4.2 The Outliers Simon Guerrier 12 October 2017
4.3 The Morton Legacy Justin Richards 16 November 2017
4.4 The Wreck of the World Timothy X. Atack Jamie, Zoe 13 December 2017

Series 5[]

Main article: Series 5 (EA)

Series five took a different approach to the previous four. Rather than telling four stories with a revolving cast of companions, all stories featured the First Doctor, Vicki and Steven in four chronologically-consecutive adventures. The plan for this series was to "do a season of 1960s Doctor Who."[3]

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
5.1 The Dalek Occupation of Winter David K Barnes 1st Steven, Vicki, Daleks 12 September 2018
5.2 An Ideal World Ian Potter Steven, Vicki 17 October 2018
5.3 Entanglement Robert Khan, Tom Salinsky 14 November 2018
5.4 The Crash of the UK-201 Jonathan Morris 11 December 2018

Series 6[]

Main article: Series 6 (EA)

Series six saw the range switch from four annual releases to two, (VOR 125) both of which were released on the same day. The Second Doctor and Jamie featured in both, joined in the first by Ben and Polly. In the second, they were joined by Zoe as well as the First Doctor, Steven and Katarina, voiced by Ajjaz Awad. This multi-Doctor story was made as part of Big Finish celebrating 20 years of its own Doctor Who material, and was framed as a "five-year anniversary special" of the TV series. (BFX: Daughter of the Gods, VOR 128)

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
6.1 The Home Guard Simon Guerrier 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie, the Master 13 November 2019
6.2 Daughter of the Gods David K Barnes Jamie, Zoe, First Doctor, Steven, Katarina, Daleks

Series 7[]

Main article: Series 7 (EA)

Originally announced to be scheduled for release in 2020, (VOR 125) but ultimately not materialising until 2021, Series 7 continued the dual release format. Both stories were tied to the William Hartnell era, but the first of the stories did not feature the Doctor at all, instead following Susan in the immediate aftermath of The Dalek Invasion of Earth. The second saw the debut of Dodo Chaplet in a full-cast audio drama, now voiced by Lauren Cornelius, alongside the First Doctor and Steven and acted as a prequel to The Abominable Snowmen.

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
7.1 After the Daleks Roland Moore None Susan, David, Jenny, Daleks 17 August 2021
7.2 The Secrets of Det-Sen Andy Frankham-Allen 1st Steven, Dodo

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