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The Dragons of Prague was the twentieth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Destination Prague. It was written by Todd McCaffrey. It featured the Fourth Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan.


The Doctor is called to Earth to answer an old challenge. He explains to Sarah and Harry that, long ago, he fought with a Drak named Drakos for control of the Earth. Drakos won the first challenge of three (a game of chess), and they are to meet in Prague for the second challenge.

When they arrive on Earth, a teenage boy named Bojan Novak arrives with an invitation to his master's restaurant for a culinary challenge. Drakos, who on Earth is in human form using the name Ctislav Drak, will go first. The Doctor accepts.

The Doctor sends his friends to an internet café to research Drak, cuisine, and anything else going on in the city. They report pollution in the Vltava River and human bodies killed by flesh-eating slugs. This gives the Doctor an idea, and he sends Harry on a special project.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Sarah dine at Drakos' restaurant, and the food is amazing. Drakos assumes he will win, but the Doctor is confident.

The Doctor has Sarah, who is still mystified by the Doctor and Harry's plan, shop for garlic, olive oil and paprika. When Drakos is due to arrive at the TARDIS, they set out salt at its entrance. When Drakos enters the TARDIS, he is followed by three large slugs, on whom Sarah throws the three ingredients. Drakos eats them all and concedes the challenge to the Doctor.

The Doctor offers Drakos a new deal: Drakos will be allowed to stay in human form on Earth for another ten thousand years, as long as he keeps Prague clean of the flesh-eating slugs. Drakos happily agrees.




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