The Door to a Winter Long Ago was a comic story published in The Official 50th Anniversary Annual.


The Eleventh Doctor and Clara discover a fifty-year-old mystery...


A boy named Ethan walked outside of his house, ending up in Parliament Hill, London, January, 1964. Shadows appear at the door but Ethan doesn't see them decides to show Annie the strange happenings. When Ethan walks back inside, the TARDIS lands, the Eleventh Doctor and Clara walk out, the Doctor stating something timey-wimey is going on. Clara spots the door in the middle of the snow, and guesses that is the "timey-wimey" thing, which it is.

Back in 2014, Ethan barges into Annie's room, saying that they should leave and they need to take their sledges. Back in 1964, The Doctor asks Clara if she wants to know something important, in which she guesses the door isn't a proper door. The Doctor proceeds to state the door leads to fifty years from the time they are in, in which he says it's his fault, but easily sorted. But suddenly, Ethan and Annie burst out of the door. The problem can't be fixed without them on the other side of it. Then Shadow creatures from another dimension appear out of nowhere, and arrived there because The Doctor accidentally jettisoned a room in the TARDIS which created a time corridor which the TARDIS wants the Doctor to sort out. One of the shadow creatures pick up Annie at the bottom of the hill. The Doctor pulls out his sonic screwdriver, making the creature drop Annie in the snow. The Doctor warns them to stay away from the creatures, because they're hungry for something. Clara thinks it's the TARDIS, but she's too polite and it ends up being Ethan's phone that he dropped, because it's incredibly dangerous in the wrong hands. The Doctor picks it up and gets Ethan and Annie behind the doors, and makes it demilitarise, making the shadow creatures blow up. The Doctor and Clara celebrate the victory, and Clara asks if they can stay and look around for a bit. The Doctor says yes, but tells her to keep phone in the TARDIS, just in case.


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  • When The Doctor lands, he states that something "timey-wimey" is going on. (TV: Blink, etc)

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