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The Doomsday Contract was the second and final release in the sixth series of The Lost Stories. It was based on the unproduced TV story of the same name originally written by John Lloyd, the scripts were adapted by Nev Fountain and featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, Lalla Ward as Romana II and John Leeson as K9.

Publisher's summary[]

Earth - a small, insignificant planet. Entirely devoid of intelligent life.

At least that's according to the legal documents. The Doctor, Romana and K9 find themselves at the centre of a most unusual trial.

An intergalactic corporation wants to bulldoze the planet for a development project. Only a previous court's preservation document is standing in their way. The Doctor has been summoned as an expert witness. If he can prove Earth contains intelligent life, the whole world will be saved.

But with a fortune at stake, it was never going to be that simple.


Part one[]

Two unknown people observe the The Doctor, Romana and K9 on a holiday on the planet of Cimmerian II. They beam coordinates into the Doctor's brain, pointing to the Altribunal of Coelare Coelum, the highest court of civil justice in the galaxy. Romana wants to ignore it, but the Doctor tells her the tale of Arborealis Delta, a planet that was destroyed due to all the trees cut down to make parking tickets for a negligent man. They decide it would be wise not to upset the bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, Skorpios, head of the Cosmegalon Corporation, learns from his android Kovaks of the Doctor's involvement with the case. Kovaks suggests eliminating him, but Skorpios believes there are better ways to dissuade him. to be continued

Part two[]

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Part three[]

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Part four[]

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  • The Doctor, Romana and K9 vacation on Cimmerian II. They had previously been to Torquay, where they saw Punch and Judy, which Romana believed to be a ritual sacrifice.
  • Romana asks if the Doctor can use the Randomiser to evade the court summons.
  • Romana mentions that the Doctor has run away from Daleks, Time Lords and the Black Guardian.
  • The Doctor likes to have hummus for breakfast with Epicurus.
  • Earth is designated by the code CZ456378DCDC/42K. It is also referred to as "Sol III".
  • Smilax compares Skorpios to an Altroxian sand viper.
  • The Doctor asks to be sworn into the court on The Worshipful and Ancient Law of Gallifrey, but since the court does not have a copy he uses The House at Pooh Corner from his pockets instead.
  • Skorpios has a picture of him shaking hands with President Zarb, and a picture of him dancing with the Terrible Zodin.
  • Arborealis Delta was a planet that was ruined due to all its trees being cut down to print parking tickets.
  • Jural 9 is a planet housing 13 billion jurors used by Coelare Coelum.
  • Smilax mentions the Smiling Trees of Benfadril V.
  • The Plenum Trust advertisement claims they have helped planets such as Bandrax Minor, Kevin's World, Articaria and Sol III, and have saved species such as the Tufted Aggedor and the Sabertoothed Jabberwock.
  • To bribe the security robot, Smilax points out the Benevolent Fund for Terminally Rusty Security Robots was donated one million cubits by the Organisation for the Welfare of Bantroxian Sea Turtles, his shell company.
  • The Doctor and Romana take Judge Trent to Hampstead Heath. The local they meet says everyone from Kilburn would say they're fromHampstead. He plays the Sex Pistols for Judge Trent on his Walkman.


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