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The Doll of Death was the third story of the third series in The Companion Chronicles audio range. It was produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Marc Platt and featured Jo Grant.

Publisher's summary[]

A new adventure with the Third Doctor as told by his companion, Jo Grant.

"Retrocausation! Events before their cause. Time in reverse."

While investigating a temporal anomaly in Central London, the Doctor and Jo Grant meet Professor Harold Saunders, a man who possesses an unstable alien artefact, and who is seemingly haunted by the ghosts of dolls.

Who is the mysterious Mrs Killebrew? Why is a pack of hounds hunting them in reverse? And can Jo pick up any bargains while backwards shopping on Oxford Street?


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  • Jo is concerned about her husband Clifford Jones' blood pressure.
  • Jo is staying in a London hotel as she is attending a climate conference.
  • According to Jo, alien invasions always seemed to occur on Fridays.
  • Mike Yates refers to Jo as "Jemima Bond, Licence to Spill."
  • Jo was 18 years old when she began working for UNIT.
  • In the National Museum, the Doctor indicates an Egyptian mummy to Jo, claiming that he knew the person in question in life.
  • By the 2000s, UNIT HQ has become the embassy of an Eastern European country.
  • The Doctor is now a British citizen.
  • Benton has recently bought a new Allegro.
  • Benton refers to the IRA.
  • As a child, Jo had "an army of gonks and trolls" but even then found dolls creepy.

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