The Dogs of War was a short story released by Candy Jar Books in 2015.

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The London Event was only the beginning, or so Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart believed. Until he was ordered to meet with Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore. It began in 1963 – for Gilmore, at least. But the alien codenamed Cosmic Hobo visited Earth a lot earlier than that.

It's not only Lethbridge-Stewart who wishes to learn the truth of these visits. He is being watched, and soon Lethbridge-Stewart and Gilmore find themselves in the deserted tunnels of the London Underground chased by a familiar furry form...

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  • Army files assume that the Second Cosmic Hobo and Seventh Cosmic Hobo are the same person ("Cosmic Hobo"), based on their descriptions, and (now they know he's a time traveller) that the First Cosmic Hobo may be an older version of the same man. It's also believed other versions are other agents using the same alias.
  • This story is set three days after the events of PROSE: Beast of Fang Rock.
  • Lethbridge-Stewart is naively surprised that Piccadilly could have so many distinguished establisment clubs and also so much vice trade.
  • While Gilmore and Hamilton believe the UK should be sorted out first, Lethbridge-Stewart still believes a global effort is needed to fight aliens.
  • Department C19 is given as an example of powerful, dangerous figures who have a vested interest in aliens remaining secret: hence Hamilton treading carefully.
  • Various clandestine agencies have secret research bases under London, similar to the Citadel nuclear bunkers.
  • Leslie Johnston says the Vault is working on wireless transmission and enthuses about the possibilities of a global wireless computer network.

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