The Doctors Revisited - The Tenth Doctor was a documentary that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. It was notable for airing alongside The Stolen Earth and Journey's End on BBC America. It also aired in the United Kingdom later in the year on 10 November, this time with Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead rather than The Stolen Earth and Journey's End for an as yet unknown reason, on the Watch channel.

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  • Steven Moffat reminisces that the Series 4 finale is among his most favourite episodes of Doctor Who. He also enjoys the idea then-executive producer Russell T Davies was very aware of the show's extreme success and flaunted it in this finale, which he felt was a buildup from all the past 4 series. He praises the finale for essentially acting as an massive conclusion of an overarching story and for a cliffhanger that became newsworthy.

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David was so funny, witty, he had a nutty a Labrador puppy - kind of that boundless energy. He brought something really magical to that Doctor.Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler) [src]

David Tennant's Doctor...I think it was the moment, that fantastic first episode of his, where he's rolling around virtually asleep and unconscious...and then right at the end of the episode, just comes out of the TARDIS - in his pyjamas, I think - and just sorts everyone in the space of about three minutes.Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) [src]

He can destroy a government by whispering in somebody's ear. That's the essence of the Doctor. That sums him up.David Tennant (The Tenth Doctor) [src]

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The Doctors Revisited - The Tenth Doctor was included on The Doctors Revisited: Volume Three DVD (Regions 1 & 4 only).

This documentary is available on iTunes under the same season package as The Day of the Doctor.

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