The Doctors Revisited - The Eighth Doctor was a documentary that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. It was notable for airing alongside the Doctor Who television movie on BBC America. It also aired in the United Kingdom later in the year on 3 November 2013, along with its accompanying story, on the Watch channel.

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  • When Steven Moffat introduces the telemovie, he acknowledges that Doctor Who had been off the air for a long time, but for one brief moment in 1996, it came back. He laments that the series could have been brought back with Paul McGann's acting talent, but instead, audiences were given just one story. After the movie yielded no results of a new series, he felt "Doctor Who was deader than before". Ironically, Moffat himself would soon go on to produce McGann's second TV story as the Eighth Doctor, The Night of the Doctor, after shooting this documentary.

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The Doctors Revisited - The Eighth Doctor was included on The Doctors Revisited: Volume Two DVD (Regions 1 & 4 only).

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