The Doctors Revisited was a series of documentaries produced and broadcast by BBC America to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. One documentary was broadcast every month, each focusing on a different incarnation of the Doctor. The series began in January with a First Doctor documentary and proceeded chronologically through the Doctors until it culminated with an Eleventh Doctor documentary in November. Each documentary was then followed up by a broadcast of a story featuring that Doctor, edited into an omnibus format (save the Eighth, the only doctor to have a single-parter from his era shown). All stories shown in the classic era prior to the 2005 revival have made their BBC America debut.

To fit a two-hour slot, the classic series stories were four 25-minute episode serials (though Vengeance on Varos aired originally as two 45-minute episodes) while the new series stories were two-parters of 45 minute episodes. Of these chosen stories, three were Dalek stories, two were Cybermen stories, two were post-regeneration first adventures, and two were final outings, with the TV movie counting as both of the latter two for the Eighth and Seventh Doctors respectively.

The Doctors Revisited was broadcast along with their respective accompanying stories (with the exception of The Seventh Doctor, The Tenth Doctor and The Eleventh Doctor, as for a yet unknown reason Battlefield, Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead and The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People aired in the place of Remembrance of the Daleks, The Stolen Earth / Journey's End and The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon) in the United Kingdom on the Watch channel starting from 12 October 2013.

Two extra documentaries from the makers of The Doctors Revisited were Doctor Who Explained and Doctor Who: The Companions.

List of documentaries Edit

# Title Doctor of focus Story broadcast Broadcast
1 The First Doctor First Doctor (William Hartnell) The Aztecs 27 January 2013 (BBC America)
12 October 2013 (Watch)
2 The Second Doctor Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) The Tomb of the Cybermen 24 February 2013 (BBC America)
13 October 2013 (Watch)
3 The Third Doctor Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee) Spearhead from Space 31 March 2013 (BBC America)
19 October 2013 (Watch)
4 The Fourth Doctor Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) Pyramids of Mars 28 April 2013 (BBC America)
20 October 2013 (Watch)
5 The Fifth Doctor Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) Earthshock 26 May 2013 (BBC America)
26 October 2013 (Watch)
6 The Sixth Doctor Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) Vengeance on Varos 29 June 2013 (BBC America)
27 October 2013 (Watch)
7 The Seventh Doctor Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) Remembrance of the Daleks (BBC America)
Battlefield (Watch)
27 July 2013 (BBC America)
2 November 2013 (Watch)
8 The Eighth Doctor Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) Doctor Who (The Movie) 31 August 2013 (BBC America)
3 November 2013 (Watch)[1]
9 The Ninth Doctor Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) Bad Wolf /
The Parting of the Ways
29 September 2013 (BBC America)
9 November 2013 (Watch)
10 The Tenth Doctor Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) The Stolen Earth /
Journey's End (BBC America)
Silence in the Library /
Forest of the Dead (Watch)
27 October 2013 (BBC America)
10 November 2013 (Watch)
11 The Eleventh Doctor Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) The Impossible Astronaut /
Day of the Moon (BBC America)[2]
The Rebel Flesh /
The Almost People (Watch)
24 November 2013 (BBC America)[3]
16 November 2013 (Watch)

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