The Doctors Do... Classic Comedy was a back-up comic story published in an issue of Four Doctors in 2015.

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The Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors decide to do some classic comedy together.

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The Twelfth Doctor stands on a box, looking down at the Eleventh Doctor. He comments he looks down on him because he is more experienced and has better dress sense. The Eleventh Doctor, also on a box, looks down at the Tenth Doctor and says the same thing. Irritated, the Tenth Doctor demands they do a different comedy sketch.

The Three Doctors go to a radio station. While on air, they bicker over who is meant to speak first. Afterwards, the Twelfth Doctor complains the Tenth is an ex-companion to the Eleventh Doctor, behind a till in a store. The Tenth Doctor frantically exclaims he is sorry.

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