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The Doctor Who Stories, published by BBC Children's Books on 3 September 2009, is a hardcover omnibus collection of the fourteen Doctor Who-related short stories featured in the Doctor Who Files books, plus an exclusive short story, Speech Day, featuring the Harold Saxon incarnation of the Master.

All of these stories (besides Speech Day) were later reprinted in the 2015 paperback omnibus Heroes and Monsters Collection.

Stories[edit | edit source]

# Title Author Featuring
1 The Hero Factor Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
2 Stamp of Approval Jacqueline Rayner
3 No Fun at the Fair Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Slitheen
4 The Final Darkness Stephen Cole Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Harriet Jones, Sycorax
5 Taking Mickey Justin Richards Mickey Smith
6 A Dog's Life K9, Tenth Doctor, Sarah Jane
7 Mission to Galacton Daleks
8 Going Off the Rails Cyberman
9 Needle Point Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones
10 Best Friends Jack Harkness
11 Birth of a Legend Cult of Skaro, Dalek Emperor, Mechanoids
12 The Secret of the Stones Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones
13 Blind Terror Sontarans, Rutans
14 Disappearing Act Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Ood
15 Speech Day Harold Saxon
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