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The Doctor Who Quiz Book (1981) was the first in a series of licensed quiz books published by Target Books.

Publisher's summary[]

Why did Romana finally leave the Doctor?

Who was the Guardian of the Solar System who betrayed it to the Daleks in the 41st century?

How many actors have played the part of the Doctor?

Why was the fourth Doctor forced to regenerate?

How much do you know about Doctor Who?

Now you can find out in this specially compiled book of over 750 questions on the Doctor's adventures and enemies he has fought in time and space. There are quizzes on the Doctor's companions, the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Time Lords and others plus a special section on the people behind the scenes of the TV programme.

The Doctor Who Quiz Book is designed to test your knowledge of all the Doctor's adventures and reveal little-known facts about the Doctor Who legend. It is a must for all Doctor Who fans.

Subject matter[]

Questions were arranged in sections by topics and covered the televised adventures up till and including Logopolis. With longer than one-word answers to most questions.

Notable features[]

  • This title featured a foreword by John Nathan-Turner the then producer of Doctor Who.
  • Released following the final adventures of the Fourth Doctor to be aired on television, and the need to pay additional fees for character likeness used, the cover was designed so as to feature no image of the Doctor.


  • This title was released priced £1.25 (UK) and had a print run of 20,000 copies.
  • A different quiz book by the same name, compiled by John Freeman, and not under Target Books, was distributed as a promotional item by the John Menzies newsagent chain in 1994.