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The Doctor Who Pattern Book was an activity book published by W. H. Allen.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor Who Pattern Book contains a terrific variety of clothes, toys, cushions, bags and other desirable objects to knit and sew based on the ever popular BBC Television programmes.

The K9 shoulder bag, the TARDIS sleeping bag and the console floor cushion are just a few examples of Joy Gammon's fertile imagination, and Romana's sailor top, Adric's anorak, and Peter Davison's cricket jumper are destined to be fashion favourites for years to come.

The patterns are clearly and simply explained — there is even a How-to-Knit section with straightforward diagrams for the complete beginner — and the book is well illustrated with line drawings and 24 pages of colour photographs.

Subject matter Edit

Do-It-Yourself Doctor Who - A Galactic Collection to Knit and Sew

Notable features Edit

  • There are several photos taken with people modelling the various pieces of clothing; of note is a picture of a woman wearing "Nyssa's jumper", in (what is supposed to be) the TARDIS, but is actually a wall with paper plates stuck to it.

Notes Edit

  • It's the only dedicated Doctor Who pattern book ever published.
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