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The Doctor Who Movie Special was released on May 1996.


Additional features[]

  • The back cover features a full-page colour publicity shot of the Eighth Doctor holding a candle outside the TARDIS, a photograph used on the cover of both Doctor Who script and novelisation books published by the BBC.
  • Competitions: To win Doctor Who goodies including 20x Videos, 20x Novelisations, 10x Watches and 25x Cakes by answering basic questions, the answers of which can be found somewhere in the magazine.
  • A 'Massive Paul McGann Poster' of Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor in the TARDIS.


Additional details[]

  • This special was a one-off tie-in to the launch of the Doctor Who Movie. As a stand alone special it had none of the characteristics of previous Marvel Comics releases.
  • Priced at £1.99 (UK), and aimed a much younger readership than the regular Doctor Who Magazine, it was aimed at new as well as regular viewers of the series. It was a staple bound full-colour, heavy paper quality title featuring the new Doctor Who logo on the cover.