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The Doctor Who Monster Book was a Doctor Who reference book published by Target Books.

Subject matter[]

  • Who is Doctor Who? and the monsters that have attacked the Doctor throughout his many lives... Up to and including TV: Terror of the Zygons.

Notable features[]


1985 Second Edition

  • This sized format with poster proved successful enough to be used again in the The Doctor Who Dinosaur Book and for the Doctor Who Discovers books.
  • The first edition had a print run of 100,000 copies and was priced at 50p (UK).
  • The Second Doctor Who Monster Book was later released covering the further adventures of the Fourth Doctor.
  • A re-issued version of this title with the Doctor Who neon logo and some changed photos, and without the poster, was published on 16 May 1985 with the same ISBN, priced at £1.95 (UK) and had a print run of 30,000.
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