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The Doctor Who Illustrated A to Z was a Doctor Who reference book published by W. H. Allen.

Publisher's summary Edit

Artist Lesley Standring brings together for the first time in pictorial form some of the most fearsome creatures the Doctor has ever encountered in all of his six lives.

In a series of beautifully executed illustrations, many in full colour, she takes us on a journey through time and space, reintroducing us to such memorable monsters as the Daleks and the Cybermen, and to old friends like Romana and Jamie.

Packed with little known facts and figures, The Doctor Who Illustrated A-Z forms the definitive illustrated handbook to all the Doctor's travels. No Doctor Who fan can afford to be without it.

Subject matter Edit

  • Watercolour illustrations covering in A to Z order various references to the Doctor Who Universe from the beginning up to the Fifth Doctor's regeneration in The Caves of Androzani (including Shada). Although one illustration includes the Sixth Doctor in new costume from The Twin Dilemma and his attempted strangulation of Peri is mentioned.

Notable features Edit

Notes Edit

  • With an identical dust-jacket / cover (and internal illustrations) by Lesley Standring the hardback was priced £8.95 (UK).
  • Internal dedication: "To my mum for typing out the manuscript and surviving Longleat."
  • The illustrations throughout are grouped and not individually identified, indeed the references for many do not even appear on the same page.
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