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The Doctor Who Fun Book was an activity book published by Target Books and W. H. Allen.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor Who Fun Book is a lunatic romp through space and time in the crazy company of Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett, regular contributors to the Doctor Who Magazine:

Packed with jokes, puzzles, games, stories and cartoons, The Doctor Who Fun Book is the perfect accompaniment for any journey through the cosmos.

Subject matter Edit

  • Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett were regularly contributors to a three-panel comic strip that ran in the pages of Doctor Who Magazine called Doctor Who?.
  • The Doctor Who Fun Book was the first of two titles that were published featuring all-new, black and white material in a bound book form.
  • The second release (It's Bigger on the Inside!) was published by Marvel Comics in 1988 to mark the show's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Notes Edit

  • This title was released priced £1.95 (UK).

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