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You may be looking for Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook.

The Doctor Who Cookbook was an activity book published by W. H. Allen.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Macra Terror lived off a steady diet of toxic gas, the Ogri fed on blood, and even the Fifth Doctor was known for his fondness of celery.

However, we humans need something a little more substantial, and Gary Downie has raided the cookbooks of the show's stars to produce a mouth-watering selection of recipes guaranteed to delight your taste-buds.

From all corners of time and space come such exotic delights as Time Lady Tzaziki and Castrovalvan Kebabs, plus Mena's Tachyonic Sauce and Patrick Troughton's Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons!

And for the adventurous there is also Barry Letts' mysterious unnamed dish from Venus, which lists among its ingredients Blim Tree Worms and Grated Snadge...


Subject matter Edit

  • The Doctor Who Cookbook is a cookbook with recipes contributed by cast and crew from Doctor Who, both current and past.

Notable features Edit

  • Each contribution is accompanied by a small bio of the person who contributed the recipe.
  • While the recipes may have Doctor Who influenced names, the finished products do not resemble entities from the Doctor Who universe (unlike the recipes in Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook)
  • There are various illustrations throughout the book provided by fan artist Gail Bennett, as well as photographs of several actors from the show at work in their kitchens, including Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant.

Notes Edit

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