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The Doctor Surprises Fans At The Doctor Who Experience was a webcast of a live performance given by Peter Capaldi in-character as the Twelfth Doctor at the Doctor Who Experience, released exclusively to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel in 2015.

After an initial sequence of the Doctor fighting off the Foretold inside the TARDIS control room, the bulk of the webcast saw Capaldi, still in-character as the Doctor, answering actual questions from children who were visiting the Experience. As such, the webcast is similar to the earlier Commander Strax's Q&A.

The filmed in-characters scenes were intercut with clips of Steven Moffat talking about his experience with Doctor Who as a whole.

Publisher's summary[]

The Twelfth Doctor shows a crowd of young fans of his around the TARDIS, but has to fight off a mummy to ensure their safety. Soon thereafter, he answers their many questions about his person and his life.


The Twelfth Doctor welcomes a smiling crowd of children into the mauve TARDIS control room, noting that it's lucky it's bigger on the inside, considering how many of them there are. He confirms that they know who he is ("Doctor Who!"), but is interrupted when it becomes apparent that the Foretold has somehow got into the TARDIS. The Doctor holds the mummy at bay with his sonic screwdriver, though he briefly plays a trick on the children by making them believe he'll let the monster get them. Also present within the control room is an unmoving Dalek casing.

Later, just outside the TARDIS, the ecstatic crowd of children welcomes "today's special guest", the Doctor himself. Asked which of his past faces he prefers by one of the children in the crowd, the Doctor answers that he thinks "they're all marvelous", and goes on to explain that he carries them all inside him. According to him, if one stares at his face long enough, one might see hints of past faces — ones which, perhaps, happened to resemble such actors as David Tennant, Sylvester McCoy, Matt Smith, Christopher Eccleston, Patrick Troughton, Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker and William Hartnell.

Then asked which place in the universe he likes to visit most of all, the Doctor answers that it is simply Planet Earth and goes on a tirade about how marvelous he finds the human species, "so full of mirth", capable of such marvelous or terrible things. "There is no place", he says, "that has such hope and generosity".

Yet another child asks who has been the Doctor's favorite companion. Although initially hesitant, the Doctor confesses that his granddaughter Susan still holds a special place in his hearts; remembering that he promised that he would come back to see her, and that he never did, he nearly breaks down crying, but comforts himself with the thought that he also loves his latest companion Clara Oswald. He tells the crowd that Clara helps him to be less rude, as in this incarnation he can be quite antisocial.




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