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The Doctor Appears was a special Doctor Who minisode that was part of Comic Relief in 2013. It was notable for having originally been performed live, before being recorded and broadcast. As stage plays are not considered valid on this Wiki, only the actual broadcast/webcast version is valid on this Wiki, as opposed any images or information that was visible to the live audience but not in frame in the TV version.


The Doctor appears onto a BBC studio, only to meet some familiar faces, and certain television series...


Claudia Winkleman and Dermot O'Leary are hosting Red Nose Day 2013, talking about Doctor Who. Dermot tells Claudia that he has a surprise for her and instructs her to put on a pair of 3D glasses. The Eleventh Doctor comes onstage, much to Claudia's delight. Dermot tells the audience about the fundraising, while Claudia chases the Doctor around the stage.




The Doctor Who series[]

Story notes[]

  • The Doctor had previously travelled with Dermot O'Leary in Dermot and the Doctor, and met Claudia Winkleman in The Doctor Drops In. It should be noted that the former of these two webcasts is not currently held as a valid source on this Wiki.
  • The story was never named on air, but was named when the official BBC YouTube channel released the video on the same day under the title The Doctor Appears...in 3D.
  • In the YouTube description of the aforementioned upload, Matt Smith is interestingly credited as playing "Doctor Who", tying back to the classic form of credits for the actor portraying the Doctor.
  • A clip from TV: The Snowmen plays inaudibly in the background when the Doctor enters the stage.


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