The Doctor met his companion Jason in his native Revolutionary era France in 1789, having narrowly saved him from the guillotine. Later, they travelled to London in the 1980s where they met Crystal and, later, Zog. Together, they fought the Daleks and the Cybermen. (NOTVALID: The Ultimate Adventure)

Appearance Edit

This incarnation dressed in contemporary 1980s clothes including a beige coat and trousers, a brown hat, and a Greenpeace T-shirt.

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This incarnation of the Doctor was created when Jon Pertwee, who reprised his role as the Third Doctor in the stage play, fell ill just before a performance on 29 April 1989. His understudy, David Banks, filled in as the Doctor for the remaining two performances. Another actor, Chris Beaumont, took over Banks's usual role of Karl.
  • In the short story Face Value, Crystal dreams of this incarnation when she thinks that the Sixth Doctor has died.
  • This Doctor has been informally dubbed the "Greenpeace Doctor" by fans, after his T-shirt.
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