A future incarnation of the Doctor once recounted one of his adventures - one that had been "cancelled," specifically one featuring the Fourth Doctor, Romana II and K9 battling against Skagra and the Krargs.

He also mentioned that he had once defeated the Cybermen, the Daleks, Davros, a giant robot, Yeti, Gundan robots, and Krargs. This Doctor had the appearance of an aged version of his fourth incarnation. He wore a pin stripe suit similar to his eleventh incarnation, as well as a blue shirt and a floral tie. He had a shock of golden white hair. (NOTVALID: Shada)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This Doctor does not appear in the many adaptations of Shada as he served as out-of-universe linking narration for the scenes of the original story that had not been filmed. Tom Baker played this incarnation referring to himself as the Doctor but also talked about the actors starring in the story.
  • This Doctor bears a close resemblance to Introduction to the Night's Doctor and The Day of the Doctor's the Curator as they are all intended to be future incarnations of the Doctor played by an older Tom Baker.
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