An incarnation of the Doctor lying in his future met the Seventh Doctor at Bonjaxx's birthday party on Maruthea.


Accompanied by his companion Ria, this version of the Doctor greeted his seventh incarnation and Ace at Maruthea during Bonjaxx's birthday celebration. (COMIC: Party Animals)

When Hob viewed over the events of this party, he briefly saw an image of the two Doctors and Death's Head. (COMIC: The Incomplete Death's Head)


When Shayde posed as the Eighth Doctor and "regenerated" as part of a scheme to defeat the Threshold, the purpoted Ninth Doctor he portrayed was physically identical to this Doctor. (COMIC: Wormwood) However, none of the real Doctor's possible ninth incarnations that he saw in the Tomorrow Windows resembled this Doctor. (PROSE: The Tomorrow Windows)


This Doctor had short, dark hair and a receding hairline.

His outerwear consisted of a dark suit jacket with light-coloured piping along the lapels and he carried a toothbrush in his outer breast pocket for reasons unknown. He also wore a badge shaped like a teapot. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Behind the scenes[]

Nicholas Briggs and Patricia Merrick dressed as the Doctor and Ria.

  • This incarnation of the Doctor and his companion Ria originated in the fan Audio Visuals productions that were more-or-less contemporaneous with Party Animals[1][2], and thus has the likeness of Nicholas Briggs, who portrayed that Doctor. In Party Animals, this Doctor briefly references the events of the Audio Visuals, namely the Dalek destruction of Gallifrey in Planet of Lies; however, as unlicensed productions, the Audio Visuals are outside the scope of this wiki. Briggs has since briefly portrayed other unique incarnations of the Doctor in other audios, including in Exile and Seven Keys to Doomsday, with no clear links with this previous character.

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