A future incarnation of the Time Lord known as the Doctor, sometime after his "Paul McGann" incarnation, lived in his TARDIS.

Whilst living in the TARDIS, he introduced a "night of pure entertainment" recounting past adventures. Referring to himself in the third person, the Doctor claimed his age to be 700 years old. (NOTVALID: Introduction to the Night)

Appearance Edit

This incarnation resembled an aged version of his fourth incarnation, with a large shock of white hair, (NOTVALID: Introduction to the Night) much like the Doctor's distant future self the Curator documented in other accounts, (TV: The Day of the Doctor, PROSE: The Day of the Doctor, COMIC: The Then and the Now) the elderly Doctor who told the story of his earlier self's adventures on Shada (NOTVALID: Shada) or the still-adventuring aged Doctor who sometimes used a Berillian time transformer to change the future. (NOTVALID: Superannuation advertisements)

Personality Edit

Doctor Who Night Doctor on planet 2

The Doctor leaving his TARDIS.

This Doctor had a tendency to forget things, once when recounting a tale with Cleopatra. As well as this, he often found himself laughing at most situations. He implied that he knew the Doctor very well, before confirming that he was the Doctor.

He also liked to feel useful, as he left his TARDIS, he hoped he'd "been of some use". (NOTVALID: Introduction to the Night)

Clothing Edit

Doctor Who Night Doctor and hatstand 6

The Doctor in his hat.

This incarnation of the Doctor's attire consisted of a black suit jacket, open neck shirt and a white cravat. To complete this he had a black hat which rested in the TARDIS corridor on a hatstand just before the exit. (NOTVALID: Introduction to the Night)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • This incarnation of the Doctor is similar to the Curator, as well as the Doctor from the narration links of the 1992 VHS release of Shada, in the fact that they are all intended to be future incarnations of the Doctor and are all played by an older Tom Baker. Whether they were intended to be one and the same is still unknown.
  • This incarnation of the Doctor's attire was designed by June Hudson.
  • This incarnation was created for specially filmed segments for Doctor Who Night 1999, these segments comprised of a story titled Introduction to the Night. Baker played a future version of the Doctor rather than his usual incarnation so he could view all other incarnations as if they happened in his past.
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